Recommendations for 2x4 grow room

Hi all. First time post and I’m about two weeks into my first grow. Knock on wood but everything is going smoothly so far and this forum has been amazing in reducing my learning curve…and I appreciate everyone’s intel and info. I went the cheap route on my light (VIPARSPECTRA V450) to get started but I already know this is a hobby I want to pursue long term and as such, I’d like some advice on a better light option that would provide flower coverage for my total grow space. My grow room is essentially a light proof closet within a closet and my grow space is 2’x4’x6’(tall). Ideally I would get a single light that would cover the entire area but I don’t object to two lights for coverage. Right now I’m eying the Spider Farm SF2000 or the Mars Hydro TSL2000. Any recommendations on these or am I missing an obvious candidate I should consider? Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hello @bluberrybruiser and welcome to the neighborhood. I would put a sf2000 in there but I’m a big sf fan. Both are good producers the Mars has more watts than the sf but the sf run better parts they’re the same parts as the bigger dollar light co use.

I have 2x4 and run two hlg 100v2 boards, at 95 watts each close to the SF 2000 and mh 2000 cuz both are only 200 watt lights. But I can adjust for two different hight plants. Hlg about the same money with top notch equipment and service here in the USA. 300 bucks for two lights.

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@bluberrybruiser plus now they have the new 100 v2 rspec that is the great for both veg and flower, wish they had these when I was buying lol… and with hlg if you have a problem you call them, with Chinese knock offs your screwed…

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Hlg has finally realized everyone else has caught up to there technology and have lowered their prices alot to compete but they are still built with the exact same parts as spider farmer and probably a hundred other companies out there. I can’t speak for the warranty on the other hundred but sf replaced a two year old light for my brother with no questions asked which is why I bought sf and not Mars hydro because I actually think that Mars has some really great lights as well

Dimension wise your pretty close to me I use a hlg 260 xl and it’s perfect coverage and the spectrum is particularly great for flower imo my indicas autos are to 2-2.4 feet tall

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In a 2x4 you should look in the 260 kit from HLG. all these new companies trying to make “quantum boards” are for the birds. If you want a top of the line light…HLG is where you should spend your money.

Are the spider farmer or Marshydro lights horrible…not to bad but they are using “ELG” drivers to power their boards instead of “HLG” drivers. The elg drivers only operate at around 75% of their advertised output when running them on a 110v wall plug. So for simple math, if you have an ELG-100 then your output is more like 75w instead of the full 100w draw.

Moral of the story…go with the tried and true if your wanting to step up your lights. Dont spend a couple hundred bucks on the cheap end of nice lighting. Do it DIY and you can save some money.

We are often asked what the difference is between the ELG and HLG LED drivers, and which is the best to use.

The answer is that it very much depends on your project, or application. In this blog post we give you a comparison between these two weatherproof LED drivers, so that you have a better understanding of the features and benefits offered.

The most obvious differences between the HLG series and the ELG series are the warranty periods and cost.


The first thing you will notice with the ELG series LED drivers is that they have a 5-year warranty, as opposed to the 7-year warranty offered on the HLG series.

However, if you dig further into the data sheets you will notice that in many cases the ELG series has the more favourable MTBF (meantime between failure) data.


When comparing ELG and HLG series LED drivers, with very similar power outputs you generally find a cost saving of 15-20% in favour of the ELG series.

So, the ELG series gives you a more cost-effective option. In accepting the slightly shorter warranty period of 5 years, you don’t compromise on reliability.

But that is not where the story ends.


When it comes to the range of models available, the HLG series has the upper hand. There are 11 different power output options ranging from 40 WATTS to 600 WATTS.

With the ELG series the range is much more restrictive, ranging from 75 WATTS to 240 WATTS.

If you offer a wide range of different products to your customers, you may prefer the HLG series as it gives you a uniform offering across a very wide range of output options.


This is where the ELG series really shines. Being the newer of the two series it features MEAN WELL’s latest dimming features.

For example, the ELG series includes models with a built-in DALI interface. DALI dimming is still possible with the HLG series, using MEAN WELL’s low-cost DALI to PWM converter, the DAP-04.

Another thing to note is that both the HLG series and ELG are available with MEAN WELL’s patented 3-in-1 dimming technology. However, the majority of HLG models offer 1-10V dimming. Whereas, all of the ELG models feature 0-10V dimming.

This means most HLG models will only allow you to dim the LEDs down to 10%, but with the ELG LED drivers you can dim to off.

The ELG series LED drivers are also available with a timed diming feature

Hi there, reading your post, I’m in a similar situation. I have a 2x4 tent and have been using 2 viparspectra v450 lights , and have grown some decent buds with em. I can’t knock those lights very much, but back when I bought them bout 4 years ago or so, the quantum boards weren’t starting to catch on yet and they were pricey. Now looking to upgrade my main lighting now, and I’m looking at those same models. The sf costs a bit more than the Mars, but the results I’ve seen here on the forum, suggests that either one would produce nice results, or the hlg as well. Decisions, decisions. I’m thinking one 2000, whether sf, Mars, or hlg would be wise choices, and use the viparspectra for side lighting.

I’m talking about output…not warranty or dimming lol

I’m looking at an independent comparison for the power fluctuations you were talking about and didn’t find it so I posted the comparison that I’m sure would have put a power output problem with one of them probably first on the list of differences

Jus a heads up but check out the new sonofarm LED lights…they make a few diff ones…Their pro series are made with 4mm heat sink board…samsung LM301B diodes and meanwell drivers…dimmable
I jus picked one up for my 2x4 tent not too long ago and man are they a nice well built light…backed by a 5 yr warranty…you can pick em up for a decent price right now as well!!!