Looking for professional help

Looking for all the advice I can get. Hvnt started growing yet my setup will be here soon. I’ll be working with a 2x4 indoor tent.

I want to learn cuts,training ect.


Figure out how you want to grow whether soil, soilless or hydro. Go to school on lights and do not buy LED’S off of Amazon!


Spend some time here reading up…


That I was told so I ordered my complete setup from gorilla.

Read ,ask questions. Read more, ask more questions. Than buy. Than read some more.


I’ll be here and help how ever I can. Another good read is Grow Weed Easy dot com. I would start with the ILGM offering first. Then come back with questions.

If you want help picking items it will be easier if we know your budget. For my money number one is a good light number two good pH meter. The rest can be a compromise.

Welcome to the group.


There are only a couple of manufacturers of decent LED’s and Gorilla doesn’t use any of them.

The state of the art is Horticulture Lighting Group and their array of Quantum Boards. Here’s what you need to have clear in your mind: there are no good, cheap lights. If it’s good it’s expensive. If it’s cheap it’s crap. The marketing hype surrounding the bulk of the ‘blurple’ lights available today should be criminal.

You can use cheap light and pay up front in electrical costs or buy decent equipment once and done.

PH meter, TDS meter, PH up and down, Standard Reference Solution 7.0, thermometer/hydrometer, fans, all are going to be necessary.


I learned the hard way lol.


Welcome to the community if you need to tag anyone along the way of your grow just put @ in front of their name. As @BoBbytundai .

Many of us did. I’m still learning about many things, but this is one lesson I’ve learned.

You know they sell HLG QB kits on Amazon right? Lol about the same price too haha

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Yeah, but easier to tell him to steer clear until they have an idea of what to buy.

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My apologies I said gorilla tents and it’s actually super closet I am to frantic to get started.

What would be a good nutrients line?

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I like General Hydroponics, others say Jack’s 3-2-1 is great (and inexpensive), I like ‘Grow More’ brand, Fox Farms is good but pricey, then there’s all of the newer crop of nutrient lines like Advanced Nutrients etc.

Top of my list is the GH Flora series. You can run with the base nutes (Grow, Micro, Bloom) and add supplements as your wallet and inclinations dictate.



Good Afternoon

I’m going to start tomorrow on the growing I want to know is the locus Nutrients a good brand it came with my set up or should I go and buy the fox farm Nutrients?

Sorry I meant lotus Nutrients

The city I’m in has no soil for me to use. Anyone knows a good soil or a next day delivery?

This can’t be life!!!

I buy soil off amazon and get delivery within 2/3 days.

Do I let the carbon filter fan stay on while the lights are running? Is it optional

You won’t need the carbon filter until your plants get bigger. Believe me, u will know when it’s necessary. When u walk into your house, and u are enveloped by that beautiful skunky, sweet odor, it’s time to use that carbon filter…