Newbie looking for information

If you could pick one of the best pieces of advice to a newbie, what would it be?

Don’t be cheap when buying lights!

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Lights, lights and lights.

I wasted $450 on two lights. Oh they worked as the two gave 550 true watts. But the heat was bad.

After joining here, I got onboard of the HLG lights. Those 2 set me back $800 but the first crop made up for it.


Good one, I did my research on that. Thanks

Next I would say a Cannabis friendly soil.

Then nutrients like Jack’s 321. Cheap and easy to use.

A pH meter like Apera 20. Used by many. A TDS meter like Vivosun.

Indoor I guess a tent. A lot do small tents and then they run out of space. If you have space for a 4x4 tent, do it. I use a 4’x4’x80”.

Many use a dehumidifier. AC Infinity fan based on size of tent. Fans…if clip ins secure them or they can fall and kill your plant. I killed a few when my glasses fell off. No wearing glasses in the tent.

This is a good start.


Patience is the key


Good ones. I wear my sunglasses in there lol. I did tie one of my fans. It fell as well. Luckily, I’m just getting started. Thanks, I’ll tie the others as well.


Yeah, I posted earlier on another thread that I’m going to have to replace my Velcro on my window. Lol

I’m still new but I agree with Lights. I wasted $ on blurples and then ended up buying something that would get the job done from HLG. Also having a proper PH meter, and proper exhaust / intake.


For your fan hit up @CoyoteCody he got great equipment for your tents like pole fan mouny i use it myself and other things


I’ve got 5x5 AC Infinity tent
6” AC Infinity Carbon filter
Viperspectra XS4000 & HLG QB648 260
6.5 Lt Humidifier
Blue lab pencon Pen for TDS
Apera 20 PH

U all set. Do u have a temp control or way 2 monitor humidity

I’m using intake from home ac (not direct) but the RH is set auto @55%

You didnt get the controller 67 with your tent and filter

2- 6in Osc fans
1- 10in intake(so to speak) fan

No I cheaped out. Do you think I should?

You can get a govee for cheaper that those the same thing lol

Not sure what a Govee is?

Govee Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer Digital Temperature Humidity Monitor for Home, Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor for Greenhouse, Humidor, Room, Notification Alert, 2-Year Data Storage

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I’ve got a Thermpro in there but it’s not got an alarm per say. I’m probably peeking every 3 hrs or so. That’s why my Velcro is wearing out. Lol (not really, just playing).

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