Looking for advice on preventing mold with UVA

Wondering if using HLG UVA lights in my tent will prevent mold.Will one bar be enough or should I get two? Its a 8× 4 tent.I have some mold in my basement and want to kerp it off my plants while I remediate the rest of the basement. No mold on plants yet.

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It will not prevent it no light will unless u have them fancy ones like Howie mandell prolly owns. It’s a matter of keeping a good temp a good relative humidity and some good air flow thru the plants to keep molds and mildews away. I have 3x hlg u a bars in a 4x7x8 room and I still get hit with wpm. It’s hard to keep away unless u have super good air movement and I must not have it in my room quite yet. Lol. It’s not horrible but it’s a pain in the arse to keep at bay once it hits. I found blue magic works awesome against it usually doing one spray and done as long as I keep more air moving on them. I always add the Xtra fans too late. Lol


If you see mode in your basement hit it with bleach 50 /50 water in spray bottle.
Maintain a good air flow. Even if you’re not growing you need to get rid of the mold. Basement can make an excellent grow space. good luck


Thanks ,we are going to get rid of the mold.I have great ventilation and air flow so I don’t have any on the plants. I just dont want any pathogens on them. I’m going to clean out the basement and mold bomb the crap,but I have 5-6 weeks to go on my grow.

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Thanks,great advice!

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