Looking for a few suggestions I can grow COUCHLOCK SLEEPY

Hello fellow growers. I’m only a couple years in on my growing, 20 year smoker though.

I really need some help finding some straight up knock your butt to the couch, can’t get up and fall asleep strains (along with the breeder of that strain).
There are soooooo many to choose from, I figured I’d ask all you beautiful potheads :pray:.

If it’s a long day, you just got home, you’re irritated with work, need new brakes on your truck, your nerves are on fire, you need nothing but a long smoke that will slow your thoughts, like a Valium to the brain, and your body stuck to wherever you’re sitting.

I know you crazy sob’s have some ideas???
I’m in Michigan, I like to order from NASC, Seed Cellar (great store in Jackson, mi), or Multi verse.
Come on humans!!! All males, females, boys n girls, its, theys, thems, we,… whatever ridiculous pronoun you call yourself, right now I don’t care!
Thank you in advance to my fellow beautiful pot heads :pray::pray:


I am certainly no expert on this but…In my limited experience, most any strain will give you “couch lock” if you let the buds go until you have more than 50% amber trichomes. That involves delaying the harvest for two or three weeks past the “mostly cloudy with 10% amber” stage.


Agree with @merlin44 I let some Big Bud go long on purpose…it is my sleep med.


Recommend an Indica 100% if you can find it.


I grew out a Mango Kush to 30% amber. That had me a sleep for 6 months till I smoked through it all. Downfall to just growing one strain IMO. I’d hit the bowl 2-3x and then wake up with my lighter and bowl still in hand. Start again…


If i want to nap…i take a half bowl of my current bud, a piece of tricome puck, and cover with Kief. Night Nurse.


Looking for Indica strains try Persian mix from ILGM, and as stated let it go longer had 2 plants out of the mix that knocks the wife into lala land.


I find the ones that joints get oily and by the end dripping and leaving oil on everything thats a heavy buzz


Triggered a heavy buzz craving. I agree with aboves

Goals ha stupid name


I like gg4 with 15% amber or so. Will flat put you out. Amber of 15-25% on indica will always lay you out. Sativa sometimes wont amber. Indica is the sleep winner for us.


I’ve played the trichome game, but it still (in my opinion), still need that strong indica strain, then harvest her after trichs go 60% amber.
Soo, I’m looking for strains. Thank you all


hahaha I looooove those kind. hit, snore, wake, flic your bic, hit, snore

hmm that didn’t help much. Thanks for the "strain suggestion ":roll_eyes:

actually, there’s a stain called Big Bazookas (Big Bud x Jack H). Ive grown it once, it’s because g bud x Jack Herer. It’s known for it’s sedative effect s. Hard to find, only on Asthia Seeds in Holland I believe. ChoiceSeeds but they’re out of Netherlands also.

I’m doing big bud :+1:

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Great…I am going to try a Big Bud outside in the spring now that it is legal here. Good luck!


Yup, pick yourself any Indica dominant strain and rippen it real good and you will get what yor looking for…


Let me know how that goes. I grew a purple kush here last summer outdoors and had to cut it down early cause of mold

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ILGM Afghan, Purple Punch, Northern Lights. And as said - amber trichs = sleepy time.


I am prepared for that outcome…still gonna give it a shot


Afghan, white rhino, and lowryder are great for exploring the inside of your eyelids. I would suggest if growing afghan let it go about 12 weeks of flowering, guaranteed then off to sleepyland