Couch vs. Giggles (Recommendation)


Looking for giggles!

Weed makes me very sleepy which is great for my sleep difficulties. But I’d also like some party time weed that doesn’t send me to couch land.

Prior to last year I have bought my weed. I never knew what strain it was but it all makes me a couch zombie.

Last year I grew do-se-dos and this year I have gorilla glue 4 in progress. I think the GG4 will give the same couch effect (TBD).

I “think” I need a heavy Indica strain in order to avoid couch lock? Or is it just the timing of the harvest that dictates couch vs giggles?

**** Any recommendations on a strain that won’t send me to bed at 8 pm for those nights that I wanna party?


I follow this advice given to me a long time ago.

Sativa To Change The Things I Can, Indica To Accept The Things I Can’t -


I have been growing memberberry and my test subjects are my daughters( theyre adults) they say this has them cleaning around the house and laughing at nothing then they settle in for some video games or go mountain biking then they sleep like baabies. I can smoke it and go work on the farm all day. Maybe this is what youre looking for else try shrooms


Durban poison. Good luck sleeping!


Stativa is my work weed helped me lose weight i have been looking for couch lock (wheelchair) i know from my readings the more amber the more couch everyone is different Or my tolerance is to high lol.


Personally, for that effect, I like amnesia haze harvested early. Don’t let it fully mature.
Do start to try it out soon after drying.
I know I know, goes against all the advice everyone posts and believes in.
I don’t get a headache from it nor do I feel the jitters.
Its just fun. Feels kinda like 70s weed to me.
This is just my opinion on what I like.


So far, Amnesia Haze is one of the few that I do not like to smoke, because it makes me too jittery. Just gives me a bad feeling almost like anxiety.
Something I read and it makes a lot of sense to me, is that the THC molecule is the same whether it is from indica, sativa, or hemp, and it is the terpene profile and cannabinoids with the THC that creates the desired effect. Basically what the article is talking about is whether it is an indica or a sativa, if it has a lot of limonine in it, it can make you more energetic. As an example, not gospel. Basically the moral of the article was that instead of looking for a sativa or indica for a desired effect, look more towards the terpene profiles and find out which one works best for you.


Bruce Banner all day. And all night too if your not careful.


Its funny how weed can effect every individual differently. My wife actually feels nothing from it.
I am a real lightweight and one hit will do it for me. Probably why early amnesia works for me. I dont need much more than a single flower to be happy.

On the Sativa vs Indica…I read one paper that theorized there may not be any real tangible difference between the two and that it was just something that started so long ago that we cant get past it.
Please do not bash me as I am only posting what I read, not stating it as a fact.


My wife doesnt smoke and ive had her try mine a couple times and it lays her down with full blown hallucinations. She used to smoke when she was younger but now its torture for her lol


Im going to put that information in my future grows. I read a post about the Stativa gave them anxiety i can only speak for my self but I gave notice things that I was comfortable with give me the willys anxiety I guess.

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@Bunger64 its definetly one of the more notable side effects of sativa. Although many growers dont let their sativas make it to full maturity and tend to harvest premature with mostly clear trichomes which will almost always lead to a way speedier high and feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

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I like having a couple of the same strains going to harvest at different times or taller colas


My far best has been Malawi gold and Acapulco gold. Both high energy, fun, social, and laugh til your pants leak.