Little help please

Does anyone have any idea what could be chewing my branches off? I’m day 66 into my autos and A few of my plants are ready for harvest but two of my plants that weren’t even half way done were chewed at the base of the stalk. I seen a mole nearby last week. My gut tells me it’s most likely him. Anyone else deal with branches being chewed up?

moles don’t eat plants; bugs and worms are their diet.


My guess would be rabbits. We have two that roam the garden and that looks like their trademark

My guess - rabbit. They like to eat top down. If the stem then I would guess mice or small beaver. Might be worth some poultry fence around the pot


I have a 6 photos in 20gal pots and one of the branches were chewed off of my big plants As well. That one is at least 2ft off the ground so what ever it is would have to climb up or jump into the fabric pot. My entire garden is fenced in but a rabbit could squeeze through. I can’t catch a break. First it was spotted lantern flies now this… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Gotta get you one of these…

Guard duty :grin::cat:

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The stem was chewed off but what ever did it didn’t eat anyhing. The chewed branches clean off of 4 of my plants. Luckily one of them I was harvesting today anyway so no damage there but the other autos are dead now.

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In the mean time I’m going to prop my 7gallon pots with the autos in them on top of 5 gal buckets so they’re a little higher off the ground and see if that solves the issue.

You could surround the plant with light garden fencing that you could get at your local box store…a 4 ft tall roll could help keep a rabbit out…that is if it’s a rabbit

No comparison to your loss but rabbits got through the garden fencing and took out the bush beans, a replanting of snow peas and garden peas, broccoli, and water melons in anther fenced area. So when I hear them squealing in the middle of the night when a coyote tracks one down, I close my eyes and sleep better.


Let’s just say it isn’t a rabbit or another critter? Is there any insects that could do that kind of damage over night ?

I went back to my garden to harvest the autos I planned on taking down today. While trimming off fan leaves I look to my left and a massive rat was just sitting there.

What I thought was a mole last week wasn’t a mole it’s a rat. I’m setting up traps tomorrow morning. I moved all my plants on top of 5 gallon buckets so hopefully the rats don’t climb up and chew on more branches.

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