What ate this plant?

Ugggh!! Went out this morning to find a Banana Kush AF eaten off at the top of the stem! I suspect rats… have had some Herb garden issues with them.

This is the first plant I grew in fabric…,(center front row) the others are all hard sides. Wonder if this made it too easy for them to climb?? Going to move that pot away, so it’s not adjacent to others

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Rabbits, Squirrels, Cats they all Jump or use the rappelling hook and line from the equipment belts.

I get rabbits hopping up into my raised beds 2+feet to steal blueberries and make nests.

Rabbit population in Midwest is insane this year, thank god for the lab puppy.


Had a stray cat spray a 7" plant just starting to veg and turn it into what looked like 4 day old hot lettuce.

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My uncle got puked on by an overhead vulture whilst gardening

He had to burn his clothes and nothing ever would grow in that part of the garden

No matter how bad a day you’ve had, I’ll bet you didn’t get puked on by a vulture today


Hahahaha! Very true

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Could be cut worms.

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The only ‘critters’ are birds, the occasional squirrel, rats :rat::rat: coming from the neighbors yard :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, and our dog…, she’s too short to reach.

I fear it’s the rats ive setup lights to chase them, and they must think they’re tanning lights :roll_eyes:

True, true… but I watched a seagull :dove: crap on my buddy’s sandwich when we were at lunch one day… and stopped him before he took a bite :rofl::rofl:

THANKFULLY, it’s not. I had those in my buds last year… learned a trick, put a paper plate around the stem of the plant down on top the soil and leave it for an hour or two, and look for black ‘frass’ on the plate… they eat, they crap!!