Little advice - new plants will need actual water?

I"m growing Bruce Banner autoflower. working on getting 4 plants to grow… the 7th seed might turn into the 4th plant, luck on my side , already have 2.

so based on this picture They are covered in glass and misted daily inside and out of the jars. Soil was damp not wet when I filled the buckets…

When do I start to actually water these plants? and how much? First time indoor grower.

Thank you!

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I rarely water seedling when they have a dome over them. If I do it will only be a couple ml of water at a time. Increase your watering quantity as the plant matures, though keep in mind that cannabis does best when it has wet and dry cycles. Water the plant, let the soil dry out, then repeat.


First off welcome to the club.
The first thing I would do is drill a bunch of holes in those buckets. Use a a 5/16 bit and drill baby drill. About three inches apart around and three inches vertically, starting at the top and all the way to the very bottom.
They do not need a lot of water in the beginning just a small amount around the plant until they take. The soil at this point just needs to be damp not wet.
Good luck and have fun with this…


thanks! I’ve got holes in the bottom and the sides of the buckets down low. not 28 of them like you suggest (LOL) but enough that water will drain, I think. I can always drill more. I borrowed a plastic grow bag from a friend and tried to mimic that hole pattern, in my lowes buckets… I’m going to get some larger domes, some mixing bowls from salvation army or whatever,

So the opinion is keep misting them in the glass for what, 2 weeks? til they have second or third sets of leaves? I’d like specific opinions for a starting point.

These Bruce Banner sutoflowers are tough to germinate I don’t want the first two weeks to stunt or even killl them, it’s a lot of effort to just get them to break dirt as greenies…

thanks again, all

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When the dome looks dry, give it a couple of squirts. Remember, the top of the soil may look dry, but wet soil may lie beneath. I don’t usually keep my dome on longer than 7-10 days. And I will remove it for some short periods before I remove for good. Others do it different with great success. This is what works for me. :wink:

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thnk you tegrity. I am using your terrarium technique on my plants.
appreciate your help

The domes should have a few holes in the top to vent you can use plastic water bottles cut the top off and poke holes in the top and set over the seedlings
Good luck with the grow!

thanks Spankyjr
i was told to use glass which cannot have holes cut in it… How many holes do you use in the plastic ?

There is no set number I usually put about 6 holes
I also would not spray the leaves directly I just spray the inside of the cup with distilled water then set back over the plant
The water droplets on leaves can burn them the clear cups act as a magnifier