Lime green plants?

Hi all,

Anywhere is much appreciated.

This is my first go at coco coir.

25°C temperature
60% RH
Plenty of airflow
5.8 - 6 PH water with Remo nutrients

I think I have narrowed it down to one of the following:

(1) overwatering
(2) nitrogen deficiency/nutrient lockout
(3) potassium deficiency

Also, it is taking 2 to 3 days for 3 and 5 gallon pots of the coco to dry out? I thought i was supposed to water and feed every day??? I never let the coco dry out completely just to get that out there…

Need to fix asap as these are autoflowers…

Any thoughts from all way more knowledgeable then me as this is only my 2nd grow ever…?

Much appreciated


Seems like your doing pretty good plants aren’t looking terrible from what I can tell… I am seeing a little algae on your coco which is usually a sign of over watering I would definitely scrape that stuff outa there… and yes coco needs to remain moist but not soaked all the time if it completely drys out that will cuase all sorts of issues but with the size of those plants I wouldn’t be watering daily maybe try and spread those watering out a little… at that stage I don’t water until the surface of coco is dry you want the root zone to remain moist but not soaked and I notice that once the surface is dry about the top 1/2 to 1/4 inch there’s still moisture in your roots and that was a sign for me to water… now once those plants are bigger your gonna find yourself needing to water more than once a day… my last grow about 1 week into flower I was watering with nutes in the morning and then watering with cal mag in the afternoon and towards week 5 I wish I woulda had time to water even more frequently or a drip system would have been amazing to have! But those younger plants I would for sure spread those waterings out… and I believe every body does it a little different some do feed, water, feed, etc, I feed, then water with cal mag, feed, water with cal mag, etc sometimes I feed, feed, water with cal mag, etc… just keep in mind feeding every watering is fine as long as you stay on top of your flushes salt build up depending on the nutes your using will cause some havoc! Grow looks good Pard!

pots too big for the little roots not enough air in soil either add way more perlite so the water runs right thru it like a hydro drip system or grow them the size of the cup ( little bigger than what they are now in the red solo cups before transplanting . which end result to your issue is big pots over water/not enough air for smalls to grow into

How many weeks?