Lights low enough?

Hello self teaching beginner here. I’m at the end of first week transition. I’m useing DWC technique and flora series to feed and hydro guard to protect. Humidity hovers around55% and my ppm is 680. Water temp is 65. My question is what are my plants seemingly reaching up? More light? My lighting is 2 wakame 600w with veg and bloom option although I run them both and the lights are roughly 20" off the top of the canopy. Thanks in advance.


Well you have to remember, flowering stage the plant will just about double in size and this takes place realistically only about 3-4 weeks, so seeing stretching now is normal, the distance sounds like they might be a little far but I’m more used to my Hlg’s, if you don’t mind experimenting, lower one to a different height and see if they can handle 14”, just keep a close eye on them

Your plant pointing its leaves up like that is considered “praying” and all of us weed growers like to see that. By the time they get done stretching you will want them to be around 12 to 15 inches away from the light.

They seem content no doubt. Play that light dance with them and watch for heat stress I’m sure you check on them as much as a newborn… lol looks like you got this :muscle: