Light Height for plant

Starting week 7 flower and using an hlg260. Is 13 inches way to close to run? Temp is around 79 and humidity is 36.

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If its not harming any leafs i dont see a problem. Nore light to the buds. If leaves start tur ing or changing then thats too close. I ran my 260 cls at 15 inches full blast on my plant tge whole flower. It didnt stretch but it had some nice rock hard buds gave me just under a lb and 189 grams of larf and trim leaf

Sounds good. I’ll just watch for light burn. I only got the light right at flowering. She stretched out pretty bad. The buds she has look good. If I get 3 more weeks I should do ok but nothing like yours. Maybe next run though,

I have 3 260’s and a scorpion. I run mine much higher then that. I have them about 30 inches above the plants. Do you have it turned up all the way?

You should be fine. I’ve ran mine at 8” and the plants were fine. Of course it is plant dependent. Some are less susceptible to light.

I do have it 100% when I go in tonight I’ll check I might have to raise it or turn it down. Just trying to maximize the yield ya know.

What kind of ligh

I completely understand. Did the postils burn at all?

Still got 11 mins before I can go in. Hlg 260

2- hlg 260’s

You had those at full blast?


Damn, everytime i do that mine burn a little.

A couple days now at 13in. Not seeing any burning. Will keep watching. She is all crunchy and got a lot of red hairs. Trichomes still looking good, no sign of amber atm.
I tried to convince myself that I had a potassium problem but I pretty much Narrowed that down to too much feed. Was may last feed anyway and I will finish the grow with water. Temps and humidity look good.
Don’t know what kinda yield I will end up with but I do know I will have smokable herb from my first grow. :grin: can’t tell you what she is though, got the seed from some very nice smoke. If she last for two more weeks I should at least get a fat sack.
I’ll try to post some pics a little later. Shop opens at 8:00