First plant, buds kind of small

This is my first plant, and honestly I’m glad it has survived at all considering the mistakes I made with PH, nutes, etc. it’s doing well now, in about the third week of flowering, but the buds are small. Do you think these will fatten up?

What kind of plant? How far along in flower is she in? What lights are you using and how close are they?

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Absolutely, if she is getting everything she needs. You are early in flower so have another 40 days to go. Keep the humidity down around the plant and you should be fine.



If that’s week 3 from the flip your doing great imo, even if it’s week 3 of actually budding, (with out the stretch). Your just as good. Keep ph under control and the environment in correct ranges and your going to be fine.


What kind of light are you giving her? Looks like a bit of nute burn on your leaf tips and possibly some heat. ( jagged leaf edges ) at least your not doing the taco.
Also are you using soil or hydroponics?
For that size of bud depending on strain and if you included transition phase looks about right. Feeding all the proper nutrients for a flowering plant will help increase overall harvest.

Overall everything is looking good!
Happy growing.

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Thanks everyone for the responses. She is a WW Auto, ILGM seed. She’s in the third week of flowering. I have 2 900-watt LCDs. She’s in soil mixed with coco and perlite, Fox Farms nutes.

You will be amazed at how fat those colas get near the end.


Looks very early into flower to me?? If so just be patient do you know what strain it is?? Looks very satavery to me and the bud s arnt as tight as ya indca strains so just wait and see hope i helped

Yes, it is about 3 weeks into flower. The strain is WW Auto – ILGM seeds

Well in that case not looking the best is she :disappointed:But just hang in there she might be a late lady lol :joy:! Can you send deferent pics please of whole plant so can see what’s going on in there

Here she is in all her glory.

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At a minimum, I would do some LST to get more light on the lower buds. It is also early, so supercropping each cola “out” would make plenty of room.

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Thanks, what is LST?

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Low stress training. Gently bending the stems, securing them to a stick, that kind of thing. The goal being to get more light everywhere. So on yours, some sticks around the outside, and some cut-up panty hose or gardening ties to pull the limbs gently away from the center.

Super-cropping - I would watch a video - but that is actually bending the stems in a specific way so they are a complete 90 degree angle. It stunts the growth for a bit from what I understand, but then it goes crazy.

Read! Watch! Great resources here and on YouTube. There is a particularly good one by Chef D

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I’ve only had one semi-successful grow, with another going. But you learn a lot on here.


@JuliaBelle she’s coimg on give her time she will fatin up

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It’s probably too late to be doing a bunch of training. Those work better in vegatative state so the plant has time to recover and react to changes in geometry. Try that next time.

I’d say you time just be very careful not to snap a branch. Rolling the branch between your finger to soften it up, this may take some time even a day or too if your going slow and that’s ok :ok_hand:. I super crop up to 3-4 weeks before harvest. I’ve gotten away with being closer to harvest but don’t recommend it for any reason, unless day or two before to add tricons like splitting the stem same affect. But even then be extra careful and still I don’t really recommend trying.

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But it is perfect time to break their necks!

So I did a little LST by attaching some of the lower branches to the cloth pot with Christmas ornament wires. I don’t think I hurt her or broke her neck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: