Light green leaves in week 4 flower

Think it maybe a cal mag deficiency just wanted another set of eyes on her. She’s a 4 week in flower on the dot today banana kush photoperiod in all organic 7 gallon pot. Given her weekly compost teas along with worm castings top dressing in week 3 of flower so I dont think its a nitrogen deficiency, what you think? And solutions? Thank you in advance.


Have you checked run off pH and ppm she could be deficient or hungryier than the others also it’s naturals for lower leaves to fade and die at later stages of flower

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Ill have to look at the ph i rarley bother since shes all organic with ro water. She seems to
have faded all at once really quickly not necessarily at the bottom growth but you maybe right she may be hungrier then all the others.

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My gut says she’s hungry but we would be able to help better if you post ppm and TDS run offs buddy

Appreciate the help bud.

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Looking good in there Growmie, a little on the light green side but over all healthy. Keep an eye on her, the leaves will tell you almost everything that’s going on above the surface. A pale green can be a sign of nitrogen deficiency :love_you_gesture: