Any need for concern?

So initially I was having some potassium deficiency I believe which I have took all the proper steps to rectify. At this point she’s had. Couple feedings at 1200ppm her runoff ph and ppm is in healthy range. So my concerns are with the leaves, are they just gonna die out? The reason I’m not so concerned is cause the buds seem to be developing nicely and even with some frost already. are they still telling me she needs something? Any thoughts . Thanks everyone
P.s I had issues uploading the photos in my first draft which I think I deleted but if this reposted or duplicated I apologize in advance. Appreciate your patience!

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I dont know how to open a thread since i am new here. Your plant look very strong and healthy. I am struggling to grow mine. As I am of at day 45 my plant look lime green and the bottom leaves are super dead and i am very worried. Can some one tell me about what illness these poor plants are suffereing?

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Please start your own thread.

They look fine. Maybe nutrient burn if your talking about what looks to be a yellow leaf on the bottom nodes

whats a nutrient burn and how do I improve their growth faster they seem to not even growing almost 2 months old

Your probably loving them to death. Lol

My guess would be overwatering but you should check with other people in the community. Please start your own thread though so I can get help with my plants as well. Good luck brother !

You would be doing yourself a favor if you cleared out those damaged leaves, or at least most of them. Your plant is using energy to repair them but it will never succeed, energy better spent on the buds themselves.


As a new meber they cannot, there is expected respect given here at ILGM. Please try and be a lil more understanding and helpful when you reply to anyone, no matter what thread they post in.


Nothing but love

I went back and saw how that could be viewed As being short or impatient. Not my intentions my bad .

I think your overwatering them brother . I did that in my first grow and it will keep the plant stunted . How often have you been watering? Have you been letting soil dry before watering again?

Also what’s the ph? If the ph is out of range you could have a complete nutrient lockout which would stunt growth. Honestly it looks really small for 45 days.