What's going on here?

So I posted a post about possible nutrient issues this morning before I went to work. Fast forward to now and I just got home and she is looking pretty sad… the first pic is from this morning the last one is from a couple minutes ago…any advise, I haven’t watered her since yesterday morning so I don’t believe it could be over watering but any advice on how to help would be great. TIA!


Where’s your pics at.

I can’t find my decoder ring to view the pictures.

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No poc’s my friend. Gota have them…lol

Sorry guess I forgot to attach them lol…here they are

First is from last night/this morning last one is from yesterday morning…

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Looks like it was just waking up…
Always wait at least till middle of lights on before diagnosing weather or not something is wrong with your girls…
Also look’s like you might be having some ph issues, but all in all it looks good… :+1::wink:
Also seeing a little tip burn , might be giving too many nutrients or ph needs to be adjusted…

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Thank you!! I had my wife check them this morning and she said they were perking back up so that’s good! Also from your exp this girl is on its 14th day of flower is it looking up to speed or anything I should be watching for?

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