Can someone help me figure out whats wrong with my girl?

Its a strawberry cough autoflower, im not very experienced and thought auto would be easier but she is very finicky. She is in a 4x4 grow tent with a spider farmer s2000 on her. Fox farms soil and nutrients. Im growing her next to 2 strawberry diesel plants with the same everything but her leaves keep yellowing and curling. Do autos not like as much light or heat? Any ideas helpful. Thanks


They like Light . That looks more like water related. How often are you watering?


I have heard of people starting nutes at 1/2 strength on autos to see how the plant does…
Never grown them.

Im watering like every 2 days and have a little humidifier running. Did barely 1/4 nutes

Hmm, I don’t think you should add nutes till the FF soil has depleted a little. Which FF soil are you using?


Happy frog, thats what i was thinking, then i tried to just give plain purified water to flush it some and i think i almost drowned it :person_facepalming:

What is the PH of your water going in and how old are your plants? Check your ppms before feeding nutes make sure below 1000 before feeding and you can’t drowned your plant by flushing it just let it dry all the way out before watering again.


My water comes out of the tap at 6.2. Figured that was fine, i live way out in the country and its well water. Dont know what the ppm is?

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Need to raise your Ph up to 6.5 to 6.8 the closer to 6.8 the better

What the best way to test ppm?

Will do lol thanks for the help

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Ahhhhhh! Autoflowers! Sooo long story short i ordered 4 types of seed, i ordered 3 photo types and 1 auto. Turns out 2 of them were autos, i was just trying to do 1 auto for practice indoors with and now half my crop is flowering and im not prepared and freaking out a little. The first one was doing better, i trimmed her and opened her up for more air to get around and she was doing great. When i woke up to take care of them before work i noticed all 3 of the autos now have what kind of looks like leaf rot. I haven’t been giving them too many nutes because im pretty good usually with soil, i do compost and biochar and humus and coir mixed with good topsoil and make aerated compost tea for watering. I have mostly grown outdoors which i thought would be harder but indoor autos are giving me fits. Im setting at work wondering how they are doing :sweat_smile: if anybody has time to look at these pics and tell me what they think


Not bad, are you still watering every 2 days or so? The leaf droop makes me think slight overwatering, but depending of its near lights out that could explain it. I use FF soil and nutes and normally dont start adding nutes until the soil has been depleted(typically 3-4 weeks)

You can get a cheap tds meter on amazon to test ppms. PPM stands for parts per million, basicalky give you an idea of how much nutrients are in the runoff from your plants ao you can use that to guide you when feeding. For example, i dont feed my girls nutes untill ppms runoff from waterings drop down to roughly 1000ppm. When i feed with nutes runoff wull go back up ib ppms to 1600ish.

Hi this is my first time giving her to go I got a Bubble Kush Auto flower and I got Northern light Auto flowers the bubble kushes about 5 weeks maybe four and a half the Northern light is about a week behind the one Kush plant. Could someone with more experience than I know I have please tell me how these plants are looking if they look promising or they look like they’re just going to not produce at all I would appreciate the honesty thank you.

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Hey my man, pretty new to indoor myself but you need to drop thise lights, cover your plant with your hand and put the light about a foot above it and see if it starts to feel too hot after 30 seconds, if it wont burn you it wont burn them. Just hit them with as much light as ya can, otherwise they look good, they are still basically seedlings, just starting to veg so blast them with light :call_me_hand:my lights are right at 15 inches above my tallest plant then i put a little plant stand under the ones that arent as tall


Thanks for the idea

These look too big to be in happy frog. Happy frog is more for seedlings and young plants once your out of the seedling stage it’s time for ocean forest. I’d get them out of the happy frog. I’d add 1tblspn of lime per gallon of soil which will also stabilize your ph.

Also fox farms you usually need to supplement calmag.


Welcome to the group, Few things I see… appears you’re using topsoil of some sort? That probably not going to work so well unless you amended it with cannabis friendly ingredients. You want a cannabis specific soil to start with. If and when you transplant,Fill the pots up all but a few inches from the top also or when they do get big your going to have a hard time. You’re going to want better lights, a full spectrum led with the coverage of your tent. Also make sure you have plenty of drain holes in those buckets on bottom and sides a few inches up. It looks like you have 2 little seedlings in same pot as the bigger one, I wouldn’t count on those making it. Follow 1 plant per pot, I would recommend fabric pots. If you start a new topic more members will be able to help you.

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No they are all in individual pots, they have coco coir liners in laundry baskets, way better airflow than fabric grow bags. i started in happy frog, my dirt is a mix of biochar, humus, coco coir, perlite, and compost, i do living soil, brew compost tea. Im a garden nerd. Oh you talking to reasonable lol yeah i think my mans used a cheaper potting soil, i dont think those little ones are seedlings from weed, maybe the one but a few of those look like henbit or something else, a lot of soil places dont sterilize their dirt so it can have volunteers from whatever nitrogen fixing cover crop they grow to make healthy soil. I grow lemon basil and thyme in my weed laundry baskets :rofl::rofl:

Starting week 2 of flowering, probably final trim