Light Distance / Mid Flower / New Light

Sorry, if this has been asked, as I’m sure it must have been but I was trying to find specifics on light distance in mid flower. Currently running 480w LED 16" from canopy at about 65% light strength. Top colas are forming nicely and pistols are starting to retract a little.

So my question here is what is the correct move? Is it better to simply turn the light up or lower the light and dial back light strength? Or does it matter? I want to get closer but advice seems to be all over the place or more a try and see approach. I also am a little more nervous because this is the first run with this light so I imagine that is also a factor

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Excess light will cause foxtails at this point. If you see lots of new pistils starting then you want to back down. What week of flowering are you in?


They started showing sex on June 18th, not sure if that is considered Flower or pre-flower? Flowers were forming a week later so depending, either week 3 or 4