Light cycle super skunk

When to start lighting cycle 12 hours on 12 off super skunk 3 gallon smart pots currently in a 2 x 2 x 4’ tent with 2-300watt led with two CFL 1750 lm lights moving to 48x24x60 with 3-300watt led and 2 CFL 1750 lm (100watt) 20 days old today going to get the max out of it

I personally wouldn’t flip the cycle until the plant was at least 2’ tall. But I grow in hydro, so my plants get big quickly. I’d recommend you wait at least 2 more weeks. The consensus for when to flip is after at least 4 weeks of vegetative growth :v:

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I have no trouble waiting I just placed them in a new home I’m getting ready to re hooking up the ventilation system they where happy but they should be o so happy with there new home because I’m using fox farm soil and they will take off upwards and don’t want to be stuck in the small tent hope it’s the right thing to do added a 3rd 300watt light and still keeping my cfls (send new pictures soon of new home when I’m done )

as long that heat and humidity is right :sunglasses:

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And it normally stays 45-52 hum 73-80 I just got all the circulation back going so I’m gonna check it in an hour and hopefully it goes back to where I need it