When to flip Super Skunk ILGM

Hello, looking for advice on when to flip. I have 4 Super Skunk by ILGM that are placed on the outside and 4 corners and are 52 days since emerging from soil. The one in the middle is super lemon haze bag seed and around 4 months from emergence. The screen is placed 16 inches above the top of pots. Just wondering if I should wait until the younger super skunks reach out of the screen, they’re about half an inch from the screen right now.

It’s really up to you. The shorter ones you point out as being below the scrog will reach the scrog pretty quickly after you flip, as cannabis stretches in anticipation of flowering when you do flip.


Think I’ll flip this weekend. Was going to wait until 60!days in the SS. The SLH is begging for the flip. Has lots of preflowers showing.

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I fill about 60-70% of the screen, then flip and continue to tuck/bend for the first week, then just let them go.

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I guess my question was. If I were to flip now would this screen fill up after the stretching?

I’d say, Not quite.

Just flipped the switch yesterday to 12/12. I don’t have enough time to fill the whole screen but I made some good progress. I also added a second screen on top to prepare for support. So my little baby super skunks made it to day 60 veg.

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I noticed the day after my first 12 hour darkness my plants were drooping. Could it be from the extended period of darkness and they were just about due for a watering before the light went out. I watered them right when the lights came back on. Looks like they recovered slightly but it’s been 9 hours since I fed them, still kind of droopy. Any ideas what’s causing this? I’m growing in 5 gallon bucket with fox farm ocean farm soil. I use Jacks classic 20-20-20 and about to switch to jacks classic bloom. I give 1 tsp cal/mag every feeding as well.

I also noticed a leaf that looks like this on one of the super skunks.

Not sure if it’s related to the drooping or not. That’s the only leaf that looks like that.

Tagging @MattyBear and @Myfriendis410 for some expert advice.

Plants are responding to the light schedule.

That mottled leaf is common. Just a weird leaf.

I agree. I get a weird leaf here and there and it’s usually no problem

Thanks ILGM team. I was suspecting it had something to do with schedule. Plus I went to a much stronger light right at my flip time. With my bigger light and obviously bigger plants should I increase my Jacks nutrients? I kept them at a tsp every feeding.

Your plants look really good. Indicas (super skunk is predominantly indica) won’t stretch all that much. Maybe 25 / 30%. It looks like they have plenty of nitrogen. I’d back off the nitrogen after a couple of weeks and feed them mostly potassium and phosphorous going forward. Your net in the last pic looks good for supporting stretch & flowering.

The drooping is usually caused by overwatering, so I’m not sure what caused it if they were about due for water. I’ve seen younger plants curl under to try to hide from too much light, but I’m not sure that is the case here. I put a whole lot of light on my mature plants (2 260XLs per 2 plants) and they don’t seem to mind.

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@FlxerPowerYes I noticed on that he Super Lemon when the light wasn’t beaming it was much darker green then it usually is. I was planning on one more feeding with the Jacks All purpose 20-20-20 and then switching to blossom booster for the remaining nutrient schedule. I use bloom city Cal-Mag, should I cut back on that, or would cutting the all purpose out lower the nitro enough?

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It will continue to need cal/mag for a while. They still need N at this point too. Nitrogen is important during the stretch. I generally start cutting nitrogen about 3 weeks into flower after most of the stretch is complete. I usually go by the color of my vegetation. When things start getting too deep of a green I cut the N back. If they get too light I’ll add more. Yours haven’t really started flower yet and still need plenty of N, which they have.

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Finishing up the first week of flower and the girls are looking to stretch out a bit. I fed them their last VEG nutes on Wednesday and plan to give em the bloom next watering.

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I didn’t like the whole scrog idea , so I removed it. I am happy about the removal and think the girls are too. Well they seemed happy this morning before they hit the hey. Think it was a bit crowded with 5 plants under a 3.5x3.5, so now they have the full 4x4 to spread. Switched my nutes to full bloom (Jacks 10-30-20). Started week 2 from 12/12.

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Buds are starting to form nicely. Really impressed with these ILGM seeds. All 5 germinated, only used 4. They have been growing so well and easy.

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Not sure if anyone is watching but I’ll keep posting :sweat_smile:. Halfway through week 3 of flower. Plants had a nice stretch from week 2-3 and pretty sure they’ll be done stretching this week. I’ve noticed a little deficiency in the two big girls. Feeding Jacks 10-30-20 at 1/4 tsp per gallon every feeding.