Letting your marijuana plant die before harvest?¿

So some of you have probably seen the video where the Ivan from the jungleboys is getting interviewed and he gets asked like how do you harvest and he said number one advise is let the plant die witb the buds on the plant number one advice. So my friend had to move. He was in week 3 of flower and he gave me his plants I finished them. He recommended over the phone I ended witb the dark period and I was all with it. I’ve always read good things about it. So I have them one last water on a 76 day plant day this is day 63 I have them one last plain ph6.0 watering to runoff and that was it. They was still little wet up till day 70 and I didn’t want to wager them again because I knew when I was harvesting so I let them go. Day 73 lights go out. Stay off untill I open tent day 76 one plant is very droopy and barely alive whilst the other plant is clearly dead and almost dry. It smelled stronger than any plant I ever grew or see. Grown by another. It was dry in 5 days and tasted like candy and smelled so strong. Here’s my thing. Is this an actual technique and has anyone ever tried that?? I would like to do it again I think. Is this what I am was speaking about ???

A lot of us do 36 hours of dark. Do not let your plant die. That’s not the reason behind the darkness. You want it to THINK it’s almost autumn and it’s going to die of natural causes.

We still want the plant alive, just starving, thirsty, cold, and kept in the dark for a couple days.


Will the plant be all droopy a tee the 36 hours ??

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It’ll be droopy from the dark and the lack of water.

All those things supposedly stress the plant into ripening up faster, because it starts to think autumn is coming. It also makes the plant protect itself by swelling up its trichs to protect from the cold.

I starve my plants for 10-14 days, then last water 5 days before harvest which is ice water, then darkness for 36-48 hours.


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So will shortening the days during the end of flower do the same thing ? Like take an hour off of them. What do you do with the ice. I’m interested do I have to make ice with ph 6 water ??? I want to add ice to my water to make it colder as I’m in week 7 of flower and want l see if it helps.

Just the long darkness before harvest will work. Don’t shorten the days below 12 hours. Don’t give ice water til about a week before harvest.

Don’t start doing any of the end of life stuff until about a week before harvest or you risk decreasing your harvest/potency.


Let them die.
That’s my method of curing the plants so they’re ready to smoke right off the branch.
I grow in hydro so I cut the oxygen and they drown. They die a slow death which takes about ten days. My buddy has adopted this method and it also works for him.
I researched this method and the plants dying begins a fermentation process in the buds which helps to cure them. You can continue the curing process using the jar method after that but I never bother and it’s for me so I’m not trying to make profit or impress anybody.
You can safely rehydrate your dried buds by putting Boveda packs in the jars. I hope this helps.

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Thats practiced by growers in Afghanistan

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