Let’s talk Ventilation and Filtration

Ok, I’m new to growing. I’m catching on slowly.

Like many of us, I fell into the Amazon Blurple trap when initially setting up my grow.

I’m worried the same traps are set for the fans and filters.

What I have now is a 4inch fan and filter, I’ll attach the link.


I’ve determined that I need a 6inch fan and filter for two reasons. They are, temperature control and better scrubbing of the air for my wife’s peace of mind. Not to mention, I’m moving the 4inch set up to a veg tent.

So, fans and filtration.

Here are my questions.

It seems as if “Can-Filter” is the best brand. Is this true?

These filters seem a bit heavy. Will a tent support one?

What fan and activated charcoal filter are you using?

Where is your fan? Outside the tent?

Where is your filter? Floor? Ceiling?

Is anyone pushing the air through the filter rather than pulling?

Filter outside of the tent?

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I’m using a can66 and a max fan 6" but the ac infinity 6" fan is better from what I hear. Has temp controls or something.
I purchased a separate temp controller.

The Can66 weighs 44 pounds? Do you have it hanging in your tent?

What size tent?
As far as supporting heavy charcoal filters it depends on durability of tent structure.
I use this in line fan…it’s more expensive when adding the advanced controller but has Advantages over other fans like minimum set fan speed that ramps up when hitting max temp setting and then ramps back down…but never stops exchanging air and uses 1/2 or less power than others and as the fan runs 24/7 365 that savings adds up.

I use this fan for air movement inside tent (different that air exchange that the inline does) best fan to mimick outside breezes and it covers my 4x8 tent great.

As far as charcoal filter I use one made by Phresh and it is expensive but is rated to last 2 years…most others are 6 month life spans.
My charcoal filter is inside tent at top and my fan is mounted outside tent and it’s pulling air from filter in tent out of room.
I’ve not used can filters but have heard they are great too.
I’ve bought a charcoal filter based on price and it was terrible with restrictive air flow and I returned it in favor of Phresh.

Hope this helps…
Many options but these are what I use and what I recommend

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Can 66 and max fan

Tent is against a wall though. So weight of it is leaning into wall. Dont know how it works out if wasn’t against a wall.

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If your tent is well built using metal corner connectors and not plastic ones it should easily be able to support those weights. Depends on your tent build. Can’t remember how much my Phresh 8” wide 24” long? Weighs but it’s not light and that and 2 light fixtures and other things are hanging from ceiling supports in tent and no issues. My tent has metal corner connectors and is rated for that and more weight

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I’m in a 3x3x6 tent. I do have metal connectors.

As for air circulation within the tent, I have small fan on the ground. It moves the leaves nicely. If I end up getting the canopy that @Hellraiser has, I’ll get a couple clip on fans to keep the air moving around.

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How long have you had that Hyper Fan? Any issues?

From what I see, I like their products.

Installed the hyper fan and optional advanced controller just over a year ago…no problems…love it

Phresh filter about same time…I don’t have the filter connected to ducting until flower smell needs filtered so run it without filter attached unless in flowering. I leave it hung in tent just disconnect the duct until needed further lengthening the life span of filter


I use the AC Infinity S6 fan, it’s outside the tent on top of it, sucking in from G-Hydro carbon filter thats mounted inside the tent hanging on a top tent pole. Completely happy with my gear and results.


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A 6” inline would be fine for that size tent…but if you see yourself upgrading things like a larger tent can get an 8” hyper fan now and with the advanced controller will work for smaller tent and be ready for bigger tent

I’m going to Veg in a closet in the basement (pending wife approval) and flower in the tent. 6 inch will be plenty as long as I get the CFMs for the filter.

The Hyper fan mentioned in this thread seems great. That company also has a silenced 6in fan with great CFMs.

I would love to convert whole room to a grow room. But I’m lucky that my wife is slightly comfortable with a 3x3.

Yep they do @AAA has that option