Lemon Haze - Week 7 - Time to start Flower stage?

We’ve only been growing a short time. This is our 3rd indoor grow, second time with Lemon Haze. They look beautiful to me, but I’m worried they might be too “bushy” and not get enough light/air. Should I remove some of the larger leaves?
Week 7 - Pic 3

Also, when should I force flowering? They seem to short at this time, but getting full and I don’t want to run out of space in the tent when flowering stage begins (4ft x 2ft x 5ft tall).

Any thoughts…advice?
Week 7 - Pic 1
Week 7 - Pic 2
Week 7 - Pic 3
Week 7 - Pic 4
Week 7 - Pic 5
Week 7 - Pic 6


Hi there. they look healthy to me. Have you done and defol or training at all? Looks to me they could use some defol.

Sorry to be “dumb”, but is defol removing leaves? I’ve only trimmed a few from the very bottom.

yes. some take a third off bottom (lollipop)and some leaves blocking air and light. i lollipop or remove everything from the first net (scrog)down so the air and light get to buds. Everyone has their preference.

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Great! Thank you so much for the advice. Very appreciated :blush:

They’re going to stretch quite a bit when you flip. Probably at least double in height. I’d be seriously thinking about flipping now so you don’t run out of room. That problem can creep up fast on you. Keep in mind you need around 18” between top of plants and light.

Assuming those are photo periods plants? If so a defoliation is needed prior to flipp’n the light. They double and a little more during the flowering period. Here is a White Widow I vegd a little longer to take some clones :love_you_gesture:

A few weeks later


@OGIncognito , perfect! Just what I hope to do in @ 8 or 9 weeks from now. Nice pics that show the pruning result perfectly. Thanks!

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You got it, this white Widow was veg’d for roughly 10 weeks. Look into cloning, save the money on beans for other cost that will come up :joy:. I pulled 9-10 clones off this mother and finished the grow with 6 after culling a few. I stuffed a tent full and flipped the light at week 4 for a SOG grow. A little over 1 pound 4 ounces

During flower


Nice! Cloning is my next move. Thanks again.

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Anytime, you’re in a great place with the community and great cultivators willing to help :love_you_gesture:

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