First indoor grow for me

4 1/2 weeks in grow room 4 out of 5 plants growing very well but no sign of pistols , having trouble determining sex of plants . I did use feminized seeds . Any suggestions?

Feminized seeds will most likely give you girls. I don’t sweat worrying about the sex.
It normally take four to six weeks until you start seeing a few pistols showing up. Normally they will first show up along the branches not on top.
Flipping your lights to 12 12 schedule will force the plant to go into flower mode. That’s when you can tell for certain girls from boys. I normally flip lights at five to six weeks mostly so I don’t out grow my tent space.


Thanks for the insight it’s very helpful.

No problem. If you need anything else tag me like this @shindig153.

Hey Everyone! I know this is a slightly older post but I wanted to check with you experts on my new plants.
First time grower here, but pretty experienced in growing anything/everything else!
I received some Lemon Haze seeds from a local dispensary, but our weather has been horrible for MONTHS so they really have not done much in my greenhouse (bad weather = no sunlight) since planting on 4/20 :slight_smile: so I moved them indoors and put them under a light. Running 18/6 on LED Phlizon 1000w.

Over the last week I have seen some more growth, but this morning I noticed one appears to have some trichomes (maybe??) on top. Is this normal for such a tiny plant?

I have 4 plants in 5gal buckets with a mix of Fox Farms soil, perlite, blood meal (small amount), and worm castings.

Do you suggest anything or just keep letting the girls do their thing?!

PS: I discovered ILGM very shortly after receiving my Lemon Haze seeds and absolutely love this site! Amazing service, friendly people, and of course I ordered some seeds!

Those look like pistils to me, but just my 2 cents.