Lemon Glaze Glue First Grow

About a month into flowering have some good size buds.
Started seeing buds form July 8
Started growing from seed back in April

One of buds fell in love with the light and got a little to close but is still thickening up and think it should be ok

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Looking great! Does look a little heavy on the Nitrogen. Could be wrong? Although I do know you are supposed to cut back on N during flowering and heavier on the P-K. Hopefully you have some good Bloom nutrients.

:point_up_2: I would agree :love_you_gesture:

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Its not as green like show in the photo was fighting with natural light and grow light not to pick up the purple hues from the light. I did start with cha ching about 3 weeks ago

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Sounds good! The leaves looked very shiny/waxy which is a sign of heavy Nitrogen. But I completely understand about how pictures look different compared to in person! Good luck :crossed_fingers: