Started Flowering Stage Of Bubba Kush

Flipped to flower today. First grow so fingers crossed. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome @DawgPound! The flowering stretch should be starting soon. That’s my favorite part of the grow.


They look nice and healthy, hang on the stretch. Good luck and happy growing.

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Looking good they will definitely fill the net get ready to start tucking✌️

Looking beautiful nice job

Nice grow. Looking healthy now the fun beggings

Thank you all

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If your feeding nutrients cut back on the veg/nitrogen your dark green and starting to Curl. Leaf tips show the plants have lots of nitrogen.
Asidd form. Thst things look good

Do you have more then one light?
You’ll. Need. More than thst one starting like now, to grow buds that arnt airey

Took a week off nutrients and just today started Blooming nutrients. Here is where they are now.

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