Lime green bud sites

Hey I was wondering if this plant looked off to anyone. It’s a Colorado Clementine BX. The plant is 21 days into flower in a 2x4 tent under a vivosun vs1000 and a spider farmer sf1000. Temps are consistently 71-78 soil ph is 6.5 and it doesn’t look over watered. Nutes are sensi bloom, nirvana, b52, and king kola. The seed was around 5 years old which I thought might be part of the issue but it’s been growing vigorously up until bud sites started popping up. It’s flowering way slower than my other plants. I was think maybe I’m going to heavy on phosphorus and am locking out a micro. Any thoughts? Much appreciated

My bubba kush which is on the same feed:

And my gorilla glue also on the same feed. All three are in 3gal smart pots

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It could possibly want more nitrogen? A little extra might make it get darker. Overall looks nice and healthy to me though. Just keep a eye on her. Googled it and this came up.

You need N all through growth, during flowering you need less of it, about 1/2 to 2/3 as much as veg but you need it because N is the base element for photosynthetic production. Your leaves turning yellow means your plants are out of available N.

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Perfectly normal to see light green on new growth; especially at transition.


Hey thanks for the replies guys. I don’t think it’s a nitrogen deficiency just because the old fans at the bottom are still a darker green. I’m sure I’m just seeing things that aren’t there . She’s probably just a late bloomer. I have grown strains it the past that would get lighter colored and if I blasted them with N it messed my yield up. This is my first time using king kola which is why I thought I was going too heavy on PK. I’ll just let her run with the other plants. I’ll keep you guys updated and if anyone else has thoughts lmk. I read this forum regularly.

Here she is today also here as well as the lower fan I was talking about

Other thing I wanted to ask was how close do you guys put quantum boards in flower? Right now I have them about 10 inches off the top.

I have an hlg 300l rspec in the mail and am going to replace these with that. The spider farmer and vivosun put off very little heat which is why I feel comfortable putting the lights so low.

Tried to get a pic showing where the lights are

Some people turn them down and put them right on top of plants, from my experience it is the intensity of the LED and not so much the heat that creates issues! The light green is pretty normal, and if you have two different strains they are going to act differently. You can get two totally different looking plants from the same strain depending on what Pheno. they exhibit!

I see that makes sense. I’m so used to hps this is my first time using led so I’m still trying to get used to it. So far I love the leds and wouldn’t go back to hps mostly due to energy costs but they put out so little heat and require no fan. Can’t wait to get the hlg


I use HLG stuff and there is really no comparison right now except strips which are really good also!

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Here’s an update on my CO Clem. I had a theory that maybe I was watering too frequently for the 3 gallon smart pots. Didn’t seem like is was over watering but decided to give her a little more time to dry out. My moisture meter read 2 tonight so I gave her al little sensi bloom and nirvana. She’s still pale on the tops and the fans have began clawing. Bud growth is slow but I’ve noticed a little bit of growth. Part of me wants to say it’s a sulfur deficiency but it’s hard for me to jump to that conclusion because a lot of what I feed with has sulfur in it. I’ll probably let her run longer than my gorilla glue and bubba kush, but that’s no big deal. I’m very happy with both of those plants! My gg is from ILGM and the bubba is dinafem. If anyone has any other thoughts on the issue lmk!! I am interested to hear other opinions


@Holmes I got my hlg today I was wondering how close to the plants do you recommend putting it. I know hlg recommends 18-24 in flowering but I don’t really have that option in my tent. Right now highest I can get it is 12. I’m going to do some lst tomorrow and try to get to branches lower but idk if I can get them another 6” down this far in flowering. I turned the light down to around 70% for now and want to see how they react.


Sounds like 12" is the ideal height haha.


Some people turn them way down and put right on top of plant, need to watch for signs of stress though! It is the intensity of LED that creates issues not necessarily heat IMO! Stress will show in curling of leaves, edges burnt and foxtailing! She will also want more water too!

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Lmao yeah going to have to account for this on my next cycle with lst. Just going to turn the light down and let em ride it out for the rest of the cycle.

Might as well just get a bigger tent and save myself the trouble.

How did they turn out? Im having the same problem with different nutrient lines, gen hydro, fox farm, and with the rock nutrients. Im starting to think it may be the led being to close early in flower. But i still yet figured it out.