Light green to dark green leaves

This is the first time I have brought plants in from the outside on a deck to go back in a tent to get more light.

The outdoor plants were not getting enough light thru the start of flowering due to the angle of sun and shade. I brought them into the tent about a week ago.

I noticed that the new growth is dark green but the old growth is light green. I was thinking that if the plant was starved for light that the light green would turn dark green, but it hasn’t.

Wonder if this is what I think it is or of you think this coloration is something else.

Thanks for looking at it.


Im taking a guess and saying potassium or calcium deficiency due to the white spotting

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Id be willing to bet its from stress. The adtl new light has her gulping up liquid. The new growth showing greener from adtl nitrogen intake. Silica might help them cope better.

Would have me checking for bugs under leaf.


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Now I see these light yellow things on the buds. They look like mini flower petals. What’s going on?


Im not sure whats up there. Gonna have to call on some pros for this one. @Covertgrower @BobbyDigital @MidwestGuy @PurpNGold74 @kellydans @Caligurl , please see pic above and Identify.
My first thought is early nanner growth but couldnt really find anything pic wise to validate. Hope not.


I agree. But the pic is a little fuzzy.


I’m not sure what they are. First thought was new calyx / foxtails but they are odd. Thought about nanners too but they are different than the few that I have encountered. The last one was a week ago

Unless yours have opened up and spit out its pollen.


Thanks for the tag @Docnraq That’s a tough one to call from the picture. Better picture would help. :v::+1:

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I’d need a better pic…

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Sorry, my phone won’t focus and closer and I already tried cropping.

I had that happen on one of my Bruce Banner autos outside. My pistils were already brown, so I was looking at her trichs. Saw very similar growth on several buds.

She was down, washed, quick trim and tied to the shower curtain rod within 2 hours.

Other plants inside in the tent that did that, I managed to pluck the odd one off and let them ride another 3 weeks. Don’t take chances!

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Yeh, I don’t know what’s going on with this but I went ahead and pulled/cut them off. I do have another plant in flower in the tent.

Not sure what to do exactly …

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Man I hate delivering potential bad news. Wise to cut it off I think. Dont want to jeopardize anybof your other ladies purity. Sensemilla or bust, amiright?!


Yes you are right. I’m going to watch it extremely closely over the next couple of days.

The thing is also, I don’t need the extra pot right now. Just growing for the sake of others… wonder also if I should just let it be and if it goes south, use it as a learning experience. But I’ve already plucked the ones I saw out.

Plus I’ve got a great buzz going on right now… so I will just sort of chill on it . :joy:


That is always a good thing!

Glad that this particular batch of flower isnt crucial to your needs at this time.


Definitely need a clearer picture of those spots. Looks like a pollen sac that has opened but not seeing any nanners or pollen release.


@Spudgunner @BobbyDigital @kellydans @BigCat420 @beardless @Docnraq

Ok, here are some more pictures as best as I can get.

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Looks to just be some weird pistils.

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I’m going nuts over this.

Looks almost like a yellow flower (like a small daffodil) is coming out. What the heck??!! :crazy_face:

And I see no real banana shaped appendages.

I gotta hold on and see if these things grow.

Just looks like a bunch of pistils that didn’t stand up.