Leaving comments on followed journals. seeking help

I wasn’t sure where to post this issue. Troubleshooting seemed my best option.

I recently posted a comment on a journal that I follow and I received a pop-up notification that my comment would be posted after review or moderator review or something like that. I don’t remember exactly what it said. It’s the first time this has ever happened to me though. I have never had an issue posting comments.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any insight would be appreciated.

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I believe I see the posts. About Vivosun? When was it flagged/deleted?

If this is what you mean are you sure you didnt erase it accidentally? Says deleted by author. Other then that, maybe a false flag from the system. No big tho, I can restore the posts if you want.

I don’t remember the exact time the comment was flagged, but it was some hours ago now. I posted a comment on, thatonekenguy, journal. It was a comment with questions regarding his grow.

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(Super Lemon Haze) That one I deleted. It can stay deleted.

I dont see any other flags sorry. I can check his thread just may take a today?

ThatOneKenGuy doesnt even have a journal :joy:

I can see the comment in my history log, but I am unable to see it in the comments sections of the journal. When I click on it, it takes me to the journal but no comment is there.

I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t violated a rule with previous comments, resulting in the review of comments or the inability to see the comments I left previously.

I’m looking at thatonekenguy journal right now. One of 20-Marci

@ThatOneKenGuy ?

Whats the name of the journal?

One of 20 - Marci

The profile picture is Billy West from Futurama

Ahhh. I think you mean the OTHER forum?

Click on fhat @ above me. Its defo a futurama picture but ull see my dilemma. He has no posts let alone threads/journals from our end. If you mean the other ILGM forum, then I have no superpowers there but could send a message to who does. Or at least tag him here.

Even that thread name doesnt pull up anything but your mention of it

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I didn’t know there was more than one. :shushing_face:

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Bahaha. I didnt neither until maybe 2 weeks ago! Almost been here 4 years! Coulda had my mod status taken :rofl::joy::rofl:


Well alrighty then! Guess I’m heading back over to the other side. Appreciate your help, my friend. See you around the bend.

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Stay safe and Happy growing! Feel free to come back and hang anytime. Tons of journals around here.

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Here’s a nice one :wink:


Hi. That’s me! I keep my journals over at the journals, not here in the forum.

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Aha! I see what you were talking about now. There’s a new notice when you comment on a journal that it will be posted after moderation. I’ve never seen that until now.



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For the time being we (forum mods) aren’t handling the journals page. But there is a topic here

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Hi there,

Yes, this functionality is currently still being worked on. We had no option to monitor comments (which mostly means, delete obvious spam. This is the internet after all) so our devs made comment moderation mandatory in the process. I’ve asked them to allow comments to be public by default and simply add a moderation button instead. Should be fixed soon!

Also, you might have noticed that it’s currently not possible to delete or update your own comments. That’s being added as well!

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: