New Grow Journals website!

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Hi guys,

We have some great news today: we have a new Grow Journal website!

For the first time ever, we now have a dedicated website that allows all ILGM growers to maintain a Grow Journal. You can find it on:

The website is currently still in Beta so you guys on the forum are the first ones to have a go! I really hope you enjoy interacting with the site and maintaining a Journal there.

Being part of the Beta group, we welcome all feedback and suggestions so if you run into any errors or inconveniences, please let us know! There are some known issues that we are still working to resolve. You can find the list below:

  • During creation of a Journal, tooltip images are not available yet
  • While updating Journals, tooltips aren’t available yet
  • Tooltip copy for LST, HST, Delofiation and 12-12 from seed isn’t available yet
  • Update Journal button on mobile leads to the forum, instead of your Journal overview page.
  • Following Users & Journals text incorrectly states you are not interested in either Users or Journals when you are in fact already following a User of Journal.
  • You can still find some test Journals and comments sprinkled around the website.
  • Some visual errors still exist

I’m sure there are many bits and pieces that can use some refining but the basic functionality of the website should be there. We’ll actively monitor this thread and will keep track of all your suggestions as we move forward.

I look forward to hearing your feedback but for now: welcome to the ILGM Grow Journals!

Kind regards,



@ILGM.Mitch - I can’t post in the announcement thread.

  1. This requires a new login, right? The one used for the forums isn’t used here.
  2. Unless the strain you’re growing is in the list, you can’t choose anything (there’s not even an “Other (not shown)” possibility), and if you don’t choose anything you can’t create the journal.
  3. Ditto, for lights (but you can create the journal)
  4. Ditto, for tents (but you can create the journal)
  5. Suspect it’s the same issue for nutrients.
  6. “Hydroponic” isn’t specific enough, I think. DWC, RDWC, NFT, Aero, etc?
  7. Journal titles can’t have symbols like an apostrophe. That is, you can’t create a journal titled “Jungle’s Solo Cup Grow”.
  8. In the “New Week” page, pH is misspelled, and pH isn’t measured in PPM.
  9. All dates are in non-US order (DD-MM-YY), and I can’t find a localization setting for US order (MM-DD-YY).

I may have more.

  1. It’d be nice to have a way to do commentary more often than once/week. Would the best way to do that be to add comments on the week?
  2. Is there a way to link a Journal to a post on the forum grow journals (& back from the forum to the Journal)?

I still may have more.


I have moved your feedback to the correct place (you couldn’t post here before but now you can, sorry!).

First of all, thank you for your thoughts! Here are my answers to the best of my abilities:

  1. Yes. You need to create a new account for now but we are researching the possiblities for Single sign-on (SSO).
  2. We currently only have strains in the list that ILGM sells. Therefore making it exclusive to ILGM customers. Please let me know if you think this is a bad idea and if we should open it up. I guess it’s a question of which kind of community you wish to create; a more exclusive or inclusive one.
  3. See point 5
  4. See point 5
  5. The available lights, tents and nutrients options should be an exhaustive list. Or at least we aim for it to be. Perhaps it’s a good idea to add ‘Other’ as an option just in case?
  6. Noted and will be up for discussion.
  7. Good point. I’ll ask the devs to make all interpunction available.
  8. Good catch. Will also be fixed.
  9. Good feedback. Will ask the devs for implementation
  10. I think adding comments to your current week is a good way to currently tackle this but perhaps you are looking for a better way to add updates to an existing week?
  11. Linking from the forum to the journal should be as simple as embedding the URL. I’m not sure if this works the other way around. A better integration might be possible so I’ll add that to the list of internal discussion.

Thank you for your comments! Please keep them coming. I will monitor this thread closely.


Re comments, it was more of a question … how do you guys think that should work? I’m sure some folk check their plants 1/w, but I work from home so I’m down there several times/day.

Re linking from the Journal, it seems like just adding one field (url to companion thread) would do it?


I think it’ll be difficult to keep up with product introductions. At the very least you need “Other”, but Other + text would be better. For tents, please add “Homemade” or something…

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If I look at @StacyILGM’s journal, her distances and temperatures are in cm & *C. Can you add a locale setting to display in ft/in & *F?


Well, I’m an ILGM customer, but I also have other strains too. Suspect many are in the same boat. If you want to advantage ILGM strains, perhaps just add “Other (non-ILGM)” as a strain?


Another comment on the strains box. The list is rather random and hard to search, may look into making alphabetically. It also won’t let me type in a name to pull up from the list (though the other boxes light/tent/etc seem to allow this).

Also limited to picking only one strain per journal. Like me, it seems a lot of us will grow multiple strains at one time. I know my preference would be one journal per grow rather than one journal per strain.


Sorry If I’m not supposed to post here, I’m new here but I’ve explored the journal site quite a bit so far.

Here’s some thoughts I had after making 3 journals so far:

  1. Being able to sort of “copy/paste” or carry-over our nutrient regimen. I have multiple plants that use the same mixes and reentering the nutrients can be a bit repetitive.

  2. An option to change things such as planting date, strain, etc. I know this sounds kinda silly, but some people (it’s me, I’m “some people”) may have accidentally entered the wrong data and had to start a new journal from scratch.

  3. Potentially an option for more media items to add. I wouldn’t mind being able to add like 2 pictures per day (at least one).

  4. An option to change username (but I’m assuming this is not a priority at the moment).

  5. In image captions, I would very much like to be able to have separate lines (new lines), I know there’ll be times when I want to write A LOT about a picture (seperate paragraphs) and won’t want to write it in the “Notes” section.

  6. I might have missed it, but is there an option for specifying pH in the “Grow Conditions” area? If not, I feel I could benefit from that addition.

  7. CLONES. I imagine this is a journal mostly geared towards germinating seed, but I would very much like to see an option for clones in the journal set up area. This could prove quite helpful to me.

I might be wildly misinformed on a couple of these, but thems are my 2 pennies :man_shrugging: :grin:


Having my forum login carry to the grow journal would be nice.


Lol everyone posts in Celsius and i go to google and convert lol. I do that alot as i dont know celsius to Fahrenheit. Good call. Maybe there is a way that if they type it in cel it will display f next divided by a slash or something or vice versa


Am I supposed to be able to log in to the grow journals using my ILGM login?

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Also, I just got delivery of 20 of your G13 seeds, but on the grow journals form, G13 doesn’t appear on the dropdown.

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This is not user-friendly at all. How do I put a planting date in that is before today’s date, it keeps wanting to sign me out whenever I try.
Why can’t we put all our plants in one Journal? Why do we have to specifically Journal plants that you all sell? I mean I realize that you want info on your product and I understand that, but this policy does very little to advance marijuana understanding and cultivation as a whole. This whole thing is entirely too clunky and too restrictive.


I chose ilgm because of its large member population I thought it would give me a better source for information.
By this time I had already purchased my seeds elsewhere.
I did not know about forums and to be honest I really didn’t trust putting information out there. But after seeing the sheer magnitude of information not just here but everywhere else I figured what’s the harm.
Having this information and all the help from everyone gave me great peace of mind and my first grow was an overwhelming success outdoors and better than what they project you can do by far.
So hats off to everyone here in the Forum and those who run the show.
I currently have three strains that ILGM does not provide and I’m sure everyone would be interested in one of them because it’s Acapulco Gold.


I hope management is reading this stuff. Your comments are spot on. It’s also telling that they won’t allow you to post links here, a practice designed to keep you boxed in on their platform by gagging members.

C’mon ILGM. You’re supposed to serve customers, not own them.

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Go to grow journals here and start a new topic. You can pretty much put whatever you want wherever you want.


Okay thanks for the comments.One part of my problem is with trying to make this journaling thing function from my smartphone. When I signed in on the computer, a lot of my problems went away. Another part of my problem is simply that I’m no good with journaling. I don’t get real technical with my record-keeping, in fact I barely take records at all, that’s just not how my mind works. But I do enjoy showing my grows off from time to time. And I love the Maui Wowie strain, it’s my favorite, and I’m growing my last Maui seed this year, scavenged from an ounce bag that I bought back in 2018. It gave me a banner plant, for me anyway. And I’m really excited to see what the Harvest will bring.


I would definitely love to come across some AG seed one day! You bet I’m interested in seeing it!