Hi Im new to this forum. any rules I can read here? and I will shared my 3rd times growing currently

Hi Community !

First of all I’m just found this sites, I really like a forum so I immediately signups. but still confusing about the sites and how to use it so I kind of want to know if there any rules I could read.

second, English isn’t my mothertongue so bare with me if I ask something dumb or misleading/misunderstanding.

Im curious if this thread required only ILGM seeds? they not available in my place rn. If i can share from another breeder i will posting my current run here.

Thanks you guy!

PS.i already read FAQ guidelines and cannot find above questions or forum rules.


Welcome to the forum.


Thanks for answering!

If this is all the case so I can shared Grow journal from others genetic right? i was open other link “GROW JOURNALS” above and it look like other sites that is relate to this and they said only ILGM customers that why i asking the question here tho.

further question is ‘tags’ I saw journal on many tags. also have grow journal tag. If i want to share mine what tags it should be ?

Thanks in advance :pray:


Yes you can. Please do, you just can’t post a link directly to that seed seller.

Topic tags are available via a dropdown box when you create a post.

You can tag individuals by putting an @ sign in front of their name, like this: @kardel


Thanks! I do it right away. will edit at original post.

Ok i see cannot edit here. will just using reply then.


Hi Community again! I would like to share my current run which is my 3rd times growing ever.

My setups is not ideal, and I gradually upgrading my equipment start late on this run. my previous grow was nothing correctness. This time I try to get correct information for my future grow. So I will be appreciate all of you guys answer :pray:

She was about to enter flowering now, 34 Days old today from sprout. I will recap Week by Week grow here.

*She is autoflower ‘Juicy Pussy’ I still in learning process, this time grow my intend is HST. so you gonna see me torturing little girl :rofl:


This is my crappy DIY tent with unknown brand 200w light. I tend to grow 2 plants there. Unfortunate my mistake were made from start. 1 out of 2 seed was killing by sun and broken root. I germinate by paper towel and poorly put her into soil. ends up only 1 plant grow here. I was replace other strain after 3 weeks, will add information later this post.

-Week 1

She was hurting by the sun real bad again. I was open 100% light power, too close to pot, very high temperature in my area and i have no temp sensor here, she stunt badly.


I decide to reposition my tent to my living area, AC was turning on so she live more ideal. Problem here is I don’t know what VPD at that times. still no sensor. after getting sensor it say very low RH. 40-45% with 27 degree celcius. I try to bring it up by wet towel and small humidifier that last long 15 minute each time. she very slow on growth.


As I mention above. I obsess with training. My first intention is willing to top and mainlining. but I got advised not to if seedling not healthy. then I decide to heavy using LST and Defo. almost everyday of adjustment.


at this stage i just find they grow very slow. some research and ends up purchase pH meter to see what i give her ? my pH is 7.5 :smiling_face_with_tear: .this thing is my first upgrade. after this point watering with pH 6.5. and upgrade humidifier to the tent. stable condition here is 28 degree celcius and 65%RH.

I put a lot LST and Defo to her. sign of pre-flowering just show on day32, calyx start develop at nodes but no hair yet. major training is today. 34 days old

Before major defoliation.

After. and add some pulled wire.

Close up. that trunk is around 1cm diameter.

this is all for this strain. I have another strain which is Gorilla Zkittlez auto. add up to the tent since i kill 1 seed. now she is on her 13 days old. with more ideal condition and properly grow. will put in another reply.


Welcome to the community Grow Bro, you’ll be able to edit your post for a limited time once you’ve spent some more time reading and visiting the community :love_you_gesture:


here is my Gorilla Zkittlez auto. she got better setup and good resource. I still willing to learn HST ‘mainlining’ here. would be ready in a couple days

Day 1

This time I put seed right in to soil , she pop out after 48 hours or so later.

Week 1

Week 2

this is all. I will top her for sure.

Thanks for reading guys :pray:


Welcome to the neighborhood :blush::v:


Welcome to the forum! It looks like the crew has you pretty well set, but if you need assistance with anything don’t hesitate to tag a moderator.

Good luck with these!


Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your grow!

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Lol at the name of that first strain


Thanks you dbrn. and everyone.

I still cant find some info about limitation after i got “you little shit stop spamming on your first day” from when I try to answering you guys yesterday :rofl:
Where can I see how much left for me on the day ? I guess it also number for like or smth more.

Other question is about member behavior here, I see some topic is 2021 or so and still running till today. OP still update in that threads. But some other create new topic for each. so what should be done here ? and how often I update my plant here, daily basis or weekly? i try not to be an attention seeker.( Yes i do talk much already :sweat_smile: ) I can do both, but want to make sure it a community ways.

Last but not least. Should i create new topic for these 2 girls ? since my topic name didnt say thing about this ( refer to FAQ guideline I should do in correctly tag also ) or I can edit it later if my trust level increase ? I prefer continue update in this threads since when it update it go to lastest so i dont want to waste space here. read about that it can edit if not past 30days right? so i will be able to edit after i promoted to trust level 2. is this correct ?

Thanks in advance ! I will summary my weeks today. it cycle is every Saturday.

Summarized my last day of week here. this is whole garden with 2 girls, Big one is Juicy Pussy on pre-flowering stage at the end of weeks 5, Other is Gorilla Zkittles about to quit her seedling stage at end of weeks 2.

@Mr_Wormwood . Yeah the name is catching my eyes when i scrolling through. I was looking for Sativa dominant at that times she is 65% sativa from Hypno seed.

-JP1 on her days 35
She take a lot of mistake from few early weeks. And I still decide to put more stress. and will be done when she takeoff. How much would you think it will yield here ? she got 15 shoot now.

start to smell something like coffee roast,earthy when i put my nose on her.

my method on this run paid off like this, that stake was aggressively adjust everyday, twice a day sometimes.

some random photograph. I have issued with white balance here, not familiar with digital camera (it was my GF camera and she dont know how to use either) so they’ll look yellowish from light.

-GZ1 on her days 14
nothing to mention here, she almost ready for my intend to HST maybe this day or tomorrow. fresh nodes will be chopped off and mainlining her later

alright, What is your thought guys? any judge is appreciate. I would like to correct myself on this grow. I will watering my JP pH’d water next time and start to put bloom boost a following watering schedule. which is maybe week later for feeding, is it legit ?


Welcome to the community. Off to a great start i see. Cant wait till they flower so you can share some awesome pics. We love watching. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it a shame that I just give her properly condition and knowledge after I starting growing ‘in a 3rd times growth’ :sweat_smile: so it very grateful here. she look healthy that i never see in my past grow

I’ve share some of my previous here. they live in terrible environment no meter for anything that given. It just legal here and I just like “yeah growing is easy” and i dont notice anything at that time at all.

my first session - 1 og kush 1 purple punch and those other 2 i dont remembered what it is

my second session - 2 blue dream 2 pineapple gum and 2unknow photoperiod seed from buds that is not finish off. this is hell session , raining everyday outside with all 4 autoflower bloom. mold got me to early harvest. bad smoke experience but still get effect. those 2 photo died to heats. 38degree celcius ‘in my house’ lol

thanks for support man !


I’m not even sure. That is all stuff in software settings that mods don’t have access to.

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Thank you, I just saw people talk about limitation and curious. If it system thing so ill eventually learn later then.

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There’s not really much to learn from that perspective. You are limited to certain things by your trust level that will go up automatically by your activity on the forum. Notifications like posting too many times without a response will continue to happen, but I’m not sure if its 3, 5, or 10 posts that trigger that. But it’s not like you’re in bad standings or anything like that, we don’t necessarily care. It’s just the software settings doing their thing.

All we expect is that your behavior is reasonable, content is within guidelines, and you treat others with dignity and respect. Long as you continue to do that you won’t have any problems here :+1:


Morning and Evening guys. Fresh week start here

JP day 36, she bushing out gradually. wait for robust growth and considered major defoliation later this week. aim for sub branches and lollipopping her center. sent her to bloom with 15 sub shoots and 1 main colas.

GZ day 15, She almost ready for topping to be perform. just wait and see if she ready later today. if it done will be adding picture here.

See you later when this week end. Enjoy your day guys!

P.S. I forget to mention they are autos.