What is going on with the Grow Journals site?

I started using the Grow Journal site (link on the top of the forum page) a couple of years ago before I started visiting the forum. I have 10 journals on there. I loved the idea that it was for ILGM genetics only and had a specific format. I thought how great it would be to be able to search the journals for a grow that is the same strain and same stage as what I am growing to compare progress. I can do that on the forum…but it is harder to follow some journals because of the social nature of the forum (good thing) and harder to find the plant at a specific stage or sometimes to get specific parameters.

Problems started last year with posts getting lost in moderation limbo…only to show up many weeks later when they were no longer relevant…or never showing up at all. Now the site takes forever to load. I don’t think the comments are working at all…even for people that are hitting the help button. The harvest page does not work…nobody has been able to post their grow as harvested or leave a review for months.

I would love to see this site fixed. I would be willing to help in any capacity. Ultimately, this site will need some work, be shut down, or somehow folded into the forum grow journals. It is becoming unusable

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@moderators @ILGM.Stacy Any insight on plans to “fix” Grow Journal site. We even used to get weekly emails telling us about our activity. Would love to see the site working properly agan.


It looks like it is finally down hard. I used to occasionally get this screen…but now its been like this for a couple/few days. I had to make a new shortcut because I was getting to this site from that site.

Sad to see it go…I have 11 journals on there…one in progress


Hi there, we are aware of the issue with the grow journals, and we have developers working on it as well as updating our website and blog, sorry for the inconvenience.