Leaves darkening and curling in on themselves

Hello ILGM forum friends,

This is my first grow. I have four plants outside. They’ve been outside and in the ground now for around two months. I started pruning–topping–three of them as I was concerned that they would grow too tall. Two of the plants are responding very well to topping; the other, rather than filling out more, seems to be stretching. Additionally, the top fan leaves are getting darker and curling in on themselves.

Obviously, pictures would probably help a lot, and I’ll try to get some of those up ASAP. But I thought someone might have an idea of what is going on in any case.

I haven’t checked the pH of the soil and have been fertilizing only in the form of the mulch and compost amended ground soil that the plants are in. Additionally, I sprinkled some crushed eggshells around and added some dissolved epsom salts a few weeks ago. Other than that, the grow has been left au naturel.

Thanks for your help!

Without seeing a picture my first kneejerk response is nitrogen toxicity. Look it up and see if that resembles your problem. Good luck to you.

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Thanks! I have some beans planted close by, so maybe they are overloading the plant with nitrogen.

Although, I read that during the veg stage you can’t really overdose the plant with nitrogen. Is this true?