What does this leaf indicate please?

Some of the leaves on my plants do this curling thing.

Does anyone know what that means?

Thanks in advance. This is my third year of growing and im always learning.

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Just looks like nitrogen toxicity. I would cut back on the nitrogen and everything should be just fine


I’d also check your fan placement.



I don’t give it nitrogen, i just water it. Is there a way to lessen the nitrogen? Is it worth doing as they’re looking good other than the curled leaves

and thank you for your response

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If they are flowering it would be a good idea to flush them to lower the levels. Nitrogen will dampen bud development. Do you have nutrients you can feed them if you flush the plant?

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Where’s the fans? Take a second to peruse another opinion before you flush

As @Oldguy stated, leaves can also appear to have an issue when all it really is damage from our own fans

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Just curious @BuddyFlip you said you’re not feeding em N . Are you using a soil like miracle grow with a slow release plant food?

A few years ago I tried flushing but i didnt do it right and i screwed up my harvest so I’m a little nervous about that -

How would the fans affect it and what should i do with the fan to help?

A lot of your cheap soils have premade “long-release” nutes in it already. I found out the hard way with mine. That most definitely is nitrogen toxicity. Some plants are weaker to it than others. Best bet is to flush before it gets too bad. I found that my tap water is perfect so I just through my plants in the tub and run water through til it looks clean. Now I’m no expert and I’m sure there are better and more technical ways to do this. Good luck mate!

Having too much direct wind can actually cripple your plants structural integrity and you will start to notice it by curling of the leaves. If you have a fan blowing up towards the top of the canopy the leaves will curl upwards, opposite if it’s facing the other way. If it is the fan move it to less direct wind or get a less poelwerful fan

yes - i do that - i water them regularly - i watch over watering - that was a problem in the past. I have them in a grow tent with heating pads in the floor to keep them warm (my wife is super paranoid about a real heater in the tent while we sleep, I know but it’s my wife) - they are about 5 weeks away from harvest and they’re coming along - three are about 3 1/2 - 4 feet and three are more like 2 1/2 - 3

thank you - that sounds like great advice

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thanks for that - I never thought of that

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Happy growing!

Wind damage, same curl