Leaf recovery question

Once leaves become damaged/discolored can they be salvaged or is it the end of their days?

Generally if it’s under or over water or cupping from temp it can be repaired unless it’s totally screwed up. If it’s a nute problem it can’t be repaired. The damage can be stopped and prevented from further damage but can’t be taken back. In my experience.


Make your adjustments according to pH run off PPM ran off and watch your new growth. Not much you can do about damaged foliage . Like mentioned my fellow grower @ randomlyRon wilted leaves different story. Good luck

Randomly Ron lol :joy:

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I had issues realizing this early on.lol

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Thank you @RandomlyRan, @kellydans, @DankGunslinger… This is exactly the information I needed.
Another question (if I need to make another inquiry I will) can the yellow leaves be used for cloning? AND
What should PPM runoff be? ProMix, GH nutes, WW not auto.

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Your PPM runoff is going to vary through the different stages of the plants life. Watering in this would be just the basics veg stage around 900 early flower around 1000 late flower around 1200 PPM. I hope that helps. As far as cloning I have never cloned I just always bought seeds. I like to try too many different strains. There is a lot of members here that do clone that will be glad to help you out. Good luck