Leaf edges curling

Hi guys! I have a few leaves with curling edges on two girls. I did recently lower the light when I transplanted them. Unfortunately I have all different ages in the closet. Gotta get my big girl out in her mom closet, experimented with a cutting ( the smallest one) three at 3 weeks and another one trying to make a comeback that I had outside until she showed she was a girl.
Light is currently at 24”. Running a 1000 mh bulb but have it dimmed to 600.
Should I raise light?


What is the temperature at the canopy? It looks like it’s a little hot, maybe. I see the oscillating fan…is there an exhaust fan as well? If you have decent airflow and the temperature/humidity are reasonable (<80ish F, and at least 50% or so RH, higher would be even better for that age) you could definitely raise the light some. It looks like they’re fairly happy in that department, based on the node spacing. Light stress is usually more of a praying look than the margins curling like that, I believe.


Looks like it could be windburn

Looks like heat stress to me but I’ve see much worse cases.I would raise that light 6-12”. You’ll have to raise it again once you increase the intensity to 1000w. The plants look great, otherwise.


It’s 78degrees and 68% humidity. Those two are directly under the light, too. I’ll raise the light.
Thanks for the help!

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Hi. Yes. There is ac running in and exhaust running out. I have one oscillating fan at one end and a smaller one at other end. The temp reads 78 degrees and 68% humidity. They’ve been pretty happy as far as I can tell. This is my first time. Lol
I will raise the light.
Thank you for your help.


Thanks for your help. I’ll raise the light. I think they’re good looking girls!:wink:

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Welcome to the forum @battwhat :v:

Thanks! :grin:

They look fine to me
I had one that did that 4 weeks ago it was about 3 to 4 weeks old. I just left it alone and it was fine
Also not all your plants are doing it just a couple leaves on one

Nice light. Are you going to switch to HPS when flowering?

Hi there!!

Thanks for the info! Yes I have a 1000 hps bulb. Not sure if I should dim it down? My ballast has 600 or 750 setting🤷🏻‍♀️

It was fine this morning!


Tacoing is ussualy from to high of Temps or to much light.
Sometimes can be early signs of to hot of soil I think… But not a solid indication

Yea no problem.

That what mine look like this morning but by tomorrow it will be fine i think the big big fan leaves look like that when there still small and growing

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Tacoing is a sign of stress, to much light, to high of Temps sometimes to low of humidity but not a very good indicator of that.

It’s not advised to dim HID bulbs. It shortens their lifespan :v:

Tacoing is yes.
Mc plant in pic don’t look like it’s tacoing is what I’ was getting at.

I raised the light and they’re fine now. It’s only 78 degrees with 68% humidity.
Thank you all for your input! Loving this forum!!
So helpful since I have no idea what I’m doing!! Lol.