Leaf damage, and bugs under mulch - advice?

Hi guys

I have the following leaf damage showing up on my outdoor plants:

And the following bugs under my mulch:


Would appreciate any ID and advice.

Plants have started flowering:

Leaf damage on outdoor plants could be any number of pests that have come and gone.
Those markings closely resemble thrip damage.
I recommend Jacks deadbug applying once every 3
Days. (Spinosad)


thank you very much, I will try that. safe for notill soil?

I only have neem oil here but I think you cant use that when flowers start. I will have to try sand source some of that “Jacks” spray.

@Covertgrower is correct that spinosad will treat thrips, but I’m going to caution against using it on cannabis. My concern is based on regulations coming out of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

The issue we’re encountering is that products are given federal approval for USDA organic certification in the context of food crops, and they aren’t subjected to pyrolysis testing.

I’d look at Azamax instead, or introduce beneficial insects, like orious.