Leaf colour change

Hi I have noticed a change in one of my fan leafs is like two tone green

Plant is 2 weeks into flower and seems healthy every where apart from this one

Any ideas


@Scubadoo this is probably a phenotype. I have a Super Lemon Haze that has a leaf like this every now and again. Nothing to worry about, just an oddity.
What strain is yours?

Are we sure this isn’t thrips?

Thrip damage looks a little different and I would expect it on several leaves

I agree that it looks like a variegated leaf

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@KeystoneCops being intimately familiar with what thrips damage looks like, a leafs that is colored only on one side is not thrips damage. The picture above is a great example of a somewhat serious population of thrips doing damage.
Thrips are a B*** to get rid of. But easier than spider mites… :skull: to all.

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I’ve had them twice so far. I find a few liberal sprayings with Monterrey spinosad, about 4 days apart, seems to do the trick.

The multi hued leaf doesn’t look like anything.
The other leaves though…

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I vote genetics.


Thanks @AAA

Yeah thought it might just be strain related

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@Covertgrower it’s critical

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Hey @AAA and @Covertgrower

Any ideas on this some of my leaves really dark and glossy maybe not much nitrogen

They are 3 weeks in flower

Still feeding base nutrients at 75 % and giving big bud to boost pk

Any ideas


IMG_20191210_123017|375x500 IMG_20191210_123040|375x500

Got me. You need to wait for your photos to finishing loading before hitting “reply”.

To me they look overwatered, but that’s a wild guess.

Let’s tag @MattyBear @Myfriendis410

Excess nitrogen shows as a leaves curling, and glossy leaves. You do have hint of excess, I wouldn’t worry much, as the new growth looks normal. The pictures are of old growth, which is the past, and the new new growth looks good.
If you’re still concerned, fill out a support ticket, and get a picture of the overall plant in normal lighting.

  • What strain Zamnesia Critical
  • Method: Coco Coir
  • Vessels: 5 Gallon smart pots
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff 5:8-6:0 pH 1200 EC in 1575 out
  • PPM/TDS 1200
  • Indoor
  • Light system Led 400 watt
  • Temps; 28/27
  • Humidity; 55/65
  • Ventilation system; Yes,
  • AC,
  • Co2; No

Will get picture and post

Hey @Covertgrower @AAA

So it turns out I have broad mites

Have bought a scope and can see them

Now 3 weeks into flower and both plants have them mainly in buds no so many but they are there !!!

Is there any natural way to get rid of them have cut off infected leaves and spray them with chillies garlic and soap but still there

Any ideas


Let me go look up broad mites and see what they are. I don’t know what country you’re in, but Captain Jacks Dead Bug is great stuff safe for flowering. Not all products are flower friendly.

@Scubadoo Yes spinosad or Captain Jacks Deadbug will
Kill the broad mites. Broad mites are so small, they’re crawl ON spider mites. They also may hitch a ride on thrips.
This is my only tool I’ve used in pest control. I think rubbing alcohol may help control the numbers, but not sure.
I’ll tag @Myfriendis410 who has battled more pests than I.

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Yes I’m in a place where getting these will be hard

Yes I heard rubbing alcohol can work too

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Garlic on flowers… not so sure it’s a good thing.

Spinosad may help, but you’ll have to spray almost daily.

Maybe @garrigan62 ‘s tobacco tea recipe would be better for broad mites on flowering plants?

You can dilute it 50/50 but not once the plant is in flower. Straight 3% hydrogen peroxide repeated every couple of days may do it but the leaves will look pretty scruffy from the treatment.


Sure will give anything ago

Do you have the recipe?