Last ditch effort…please help. Newbie is very out of his element

take a small tube and feed it threw the connecting drain pipe to the dwc one over and set one end low over air stone and other end of tube high in other tank with no dips… as air bubbles get caught in the tube it will slowly circulate between the two with no new moving parts… not perfect but a cheap effective possibility…

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so if you got it perfect and walked away how fast would the ph change?

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from today 6 hours jumped 5.8 to 6.6

And any chance that change was at the same time as temp swings?
Did you keep topping water off as it drank it? did you ph that water?did it have nutes in top up water?

What are you PH’ing with? I suspect @anon4427090 has you covered but I’m curious now. That’s fast

a plant feeding raises ph… adding nutes drops it… adding water does whatever (depending on the stuff in it)… clean ro or distilled water is usually around 7ish (depending on water source and city)

And temp does both

Fun huh?

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fine product.

Of course be very sparing and use less than you think you should… wait for a good mix and check again

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It was during night, but temp only drops 2-3 degrees max. There’s not a whole lot of water missing from the res , so I did not top, but when I did in early stage, it was just phd water.
I have only fed the Rez once in the 3 1/2 week life span of the grow

a method i used early on… mix in a separate 13 gal container … get it right and the drain your plants and add the new mix

still keep an eye on it after switch.

Water should be topped up as used… (diff nutes are diff and i have not used FF but) assume half strength nutes in top up water and balance ph) mix separate of your plants…test and then add bit by bit as plant uses it

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i set a cheap float in my res and mixed up half strength in a container above it and let it gravity feed

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So once I give it half strength nutes again, get the ph right and temps, and if it STILL shows signs of leeching and further deterioration… what should my actions be ? I feel like I may be in nutrient lockout now from everything I’ve learned so far . I just got the entire Rez changed a few hours ago and current just has PhD water inside and it’s to temp.

The first feed I did before I changed the res was half strength feed. Around 950-1000 EC was the readings with a semi stable ph. It was still climbing before the change.

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It looks like a cal/mag problem

Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your problems. I’m sure it’s beyond frustrating.

I’m not a DWC grower. I grow in coco with Lotus Nutrients. I love lotus, it’s so freaking easy. Expensive though.

I do however have experience with Fox Farm. I have about $300 in fox farm nutes collecting dust. They’re difficult to dial in and I always had issues with frying my plants. I decided to give my tomato plants some fox farm this summer, you know since they were just collecting dust in a box. Yup, killed my tomato plants too.

And then using sledgehammer??? This stuff scares me. Too many horror stories. You can read stories on here. Just search “sledgehammer”

With lighting, I was a victim of the Amazon Blurples. You can read about it here.

Blurple Buyer’s Support Group

If I were you, the first thing I would do is switch to Jacks 321 nutrients. It works great, tons of growers on here use it and it crazy affordable. Like 15 cents a gallon or less…. Much less than FF. On top of that, it’s easy.

“F” Fox Farm. I know lots of growers have success with it, but I always ran into issues. And sledgehammer…… ugh. No thanks.

Secondly, work on getting a new light. I know it’s not in the cards now, but in the near future. What you have now should be just fine for Vegging.

I hope everything works out. I’m going to follow along and be of help where I can.


Continue to check on the PH - if it’s drifting up too high (this is subjective depending on each plant, but a generic rule of thumb for hydro is 5.5 to 6.3) your plants may show lockout just the same as too many nutes could create an issue.

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Was thinking about your problem and come across this,hope it helps👍

Lol that’s how I judge all my consumer products


AN labels remind me of garbage pail kids😆


Maybe that’s why I went with FF instead of AN. either way :laughing: usin Jack’s now. Simple packaging. :rofl: