Keeping my ilgm seeds for years

I’m starting to get quite the collection there’s no way I will be able to use all of them at the moment and I have more coming right now I have them all separated marked in the film container in a cool dark space but I don’t know if that will last forever I want to be able to use the seeds Next year in five years maybe even longer what is the best way to keep my seat thanks everyone all the info would be outstanding

I read this on another site so it can’t possibly be as credible as someone here replying but it said…

If you plan on using them within 2 years, store them in an air-tight container someplace dark. If you plan on using them after 2 years, freezing them is the way to go. To freeze them all you need to do is vacuum seal them in a bag which can be done with a zip-lock bag and “sucking” the excess air out, squeeze the sealed bag in a film bottle or other container and throw them in a freezer at around 25 degrees farenheit. If you have a large variety of seeds, it is usually wise to label the container with info on what strain the seeds contain. You should be good for around ten years or so. The colder the storage area is, the more longevity the seeds will gain. Just remember to let them fully thaw which takes around 12 hours before planting them and that re-freezing a seed usually kills it.