Seed Viability - How Long?

I’m buying White Widow seeds from ILGM.

About how long will the seeds remain viable if they are kept in a cool dark dry place?

My white widows are over 2 years old (at least that’s how long I’ve had them. No idea how long they sat at ilgm) and are still germinating no problem.

Thank you for your note. I know most seeds will still germinate after some time, but I do appreciate your own experience. It’s just nuts not to buy 20 seeds. I wanted some reassurance that they would be fine for next season too.

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Hopefully they stand the test of time. It’ll take me over 10 years to grow out all the seeds I have


My experience with miscellaneous seeds hasn’t been great.

They made (medical) pot legal recetly in my state and said that until the first of the year they would let you aquire seeds where ever because the dispenseries aren"t open yet. so every soc. sec. check I’ve been stashing seeds. I asked the IGLM staff how to store them & they said in a glass air tight container with a silica pack or some dry rice in it stored in the fridge in the dark. They would like you to use them within a year but also stated they should last that way forever. So I bought very small bottles put rice & seeds in them (make sure you lable them) placed them all in a tin can put the lid on that & put that in a suck bag (vacuseal) & in the fridge. Hope it works . Oh an one last thing don’t touch the seeds as the oils on your skin can screw them up. By silica pack they don’t mean like the kind you use for curing they mean like the ones company’s put in electronics to keep them dry, those I didn’t have rice I did.

I put seeds in plastic tubes like this:

Hold about 200 seeds full, but more to the point I put them in a small case in the fridge… They can last years this way. Bigger deal to me since I will breed for seeds also with STS etc. and have over a thousand Purple Haze seeds alone!

Excellent suggestion. I would store both seeds and extra cured ounces in a dark refrigerator.

Seeds can last a good while in the fridge or freezer kept cold, dark, dry, and airtight. A few years is easy, over 6 years I start getting lower germination rates, after 10 years, most don’t germinate.

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Thanks for all these positive reports. I will order enough seeds for a couple years and store them properly.