Just swapped in hydro and I need help..classic

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help I am Rudy from Italy and I’ve just started hydroponics from soil…

I just entered the second week of the growing phase of glookies(barney’s farms)with advanced nutrients(ph perfect gro/mic/blo) in a 3x2mt growing tent with an atami wilma 8 under 400w hps I use canna clay pebbles in a 11liters pots and yes I have ventilation sistem.
My reservoir is for the moment 15 liters, I add:

Micro 1ml/L vodoojuice 30ml
Grow 1ml/L
Bloom 1ml/L B52 30ml
As they say…

Ppm at the reservoir bucket is 1300(tap water is already 400ppm)then get super very high when I water the plant coz I didn’t flush enough the pebbles
And still very high coz advanced feeding schedule it’s bit weird on ppm and I have difficulty to get my proper feeding schedule…

                                                          (I use)

Inside temperatures: Day 35/36c(Aptus regulator)

                              Night 28c

Humidity swings around 80 to 50 some time coz summer here it’s frikin out and super hot!

So, the fist week started perfectly and the plant was growing fast n nice but now the growth it slowed down and the first two real leaves started to burn on all the 8 babies they looking a bit weak…
What I can do for this?

Many thanks again!

Also the ph in the mix is not very stable the water here is very hard and even if is “ph perfect”.
Can I try to mix it with half osmosis water half tap water?

You can do that although probably better to use all Reverse Osmosis water (RO). The water hardness has to contribute to your TDS. Having nothing present to start means higher salt concentrations for the same TDS.

Ideally this should be more like 45 liters to maintain stability in the nutrient solution.

Do you know what your solution temp is and are you running air in each plant’s rez?

This is getting a bit high. You really need to be more like your night time temps during the day.

Plants are way too small to be feeding them 1,300 ppm nutes. You need to be more like 250 to 300 ppm.


Ditto this…

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So many errors…tomorrow I’ll try to make a new reservoir but For the moment I have to do half tap half OR, also the water temperature inside the water I guess can get high too tomorrow morning I will check it; sorry my English some time is not enough what you mean by “are you running air in each plant rez?..like when I mix the reservoir I have to run air for mix or just I need to put an air pump in the hydro tank?..sorry…
Many thanks for your time.

You are still top-feeding them but that will stop once they are in their final home and the taproot has reached the nutrient solution in it’s bucket. I am assuming individual buckets—one plant per container, all connected to a standing reservoir? If so then you will want to have an air stone running in the bottom of each container to oxygenate the nutrient solution. If you are using some other method like ebb and flow, that would run somewhat differently.

Yes; temps need to be below 22 or 23C and a product like Hydroguard (beneficial microbes) can help as well.

Your English is FANTASTIC! I am imagining trying to communicate with you in Italian: no way! haha!

I’m going to tag a primo hydro grower into this thread and in the meantime please post some pictures of your actual setup with a description? This will help when @peachfuzz stops by.


Looks like an ebb & flow setup…
He should put those water pegs farther down into the clay balls or start bottom flooding the tray…
Trunk needs to stay dry…
And nutrients are way too high…
150 to 300 ppm is all that’s needed at the moment…
Water temps need to run around 66 to 72 , no more , no less…
If possible…
More pics of setup would help…


I have uploaded some more pic but I don’t know why they are up in the posts, today later I will make a new reservoir hope during this time to don’t burn all up.
I am in need of a good base feeding schedule for advanced nutrients coz I am a bit confused with the ppm, too high if I use them chart, maybe I can make a half of what they say.
But I will stay around the ppm u said when I make the mix.
Thanks thanks thanks

Can’t find hydroguard in short time, there is any other similar??