Just started drooping

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): auto
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): indoor
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): mix of fox farm seed starter and happy frog
  • pH of runoff: pot positive
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): recommenced amount
  • Light type & schedule: 1000 watt fineest led grow light 18/6
    Ph going in was 6.2
  • Temperatures day & night: day temps 75 night time 70
  • Humidity day & night: 55-65%
  • Ventilation: fan
    Any other questions let me know
    Two days ago it was fine and upright. I’ll post before pics. Couple days last by and all droopy… only change was my humidifier got empty and the humidifier went down to about 30% for maybe an hour… any ideas or suggestions let me know thanks.

It won’t let me edit… the only other change was trimming the dead leaves

Needs water? Soil appears dry.

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Water would be first guess. Low humidity of 30 for prolonged might be issue also. Id water with PH adjusted water and look again tomorrow.

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