Just sprouted 3 seeds dropped in soil should I leave them in dark or under a mild light

Hi everyone , I’m back again with yet another question, I’ve just put 3 seeds in solo cups about half inch deep in soil, should I put a mild light over it or should I put it in the dark until they break the soil, I usually have good luck with seeds but been reading and trying to learn the best technique nd I think I’ve read to put a dome oven them after they break soil but wasnt sure about the light, Thanks for any tips, I have a cheap mild light,This is an awesome place to learn about growing, Don’t want to jinx myself but I finally have ang good grow going, I’m in week 6 of flower with r gsc also.

Sorry everyone, I found my answer, I have a split screen on my phone, and a crappy connection so I’m having a hard time working my crappy phone also, lol peace everyone,!