Just another first time harvester

I think they are getting close. Any thoughts? How many amber trichomes before harvest? When they first appear or start appearing in numbers? So far I have enjoyed some success, I’d hate to screw it up now. These girls are Gelato autos at 80 days since planted and 45 days in flower.


Could you post a pic in natural light of the bud. It looks pretty close, but hard to tell.

I want 20-30% amber on high THC strains personally @Mancat. For high CBD all milky at the first sign of amber. Your in the chop window now from what I can see from the pics if you want a high without couch lock.

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Better light.


Hey @Mancat I have to agree with @OldSkunk I see lots of milky and about 5% Amber. If you want to flush nowadays the time.
Nice :+1:t2:

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