Thinking of chopping this week?

I am thinking of harvesting this weekend. I am looking for just a little bit of couch lock effect. Would i be correct to say the trichomes are milky white with a little amber? Any help from more experienced growers would be much appreciated!


You definitely have cloudy, but I’m not seeing much amber.

:+1:t2: i was thinking i saw very small clusters of the amber. I guess im just unsure of how much would be good, being that i dont want too much couchlock.

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I still see quite a bit of clear ones. Make sure when looking you are looking at bud and not leaves leaves are liars the trichomes on them ripen before the buds. Strain has more to do with the high you get but the trichomes do change it and makes a difference. Here’s a couple pics that gives you a visual and some info you’ve probably already seen them but if not now you have :laughing: good luck growmie

Thank you! Yeah i have seen those charts. I appreciate it. I do see some of the clear now that you have mentioned it. I do think i am looking at the bud itself, i noticed the sugar leaves going amber a while ago. This is my first grow, so im sure i will get better at identifying this. :call_me_hand:t2:

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