Just a little update from my root issue lol. Shes doing great

Ok friends im posting an update from my first auto gro. She sprotted and planted on 4/16/18! We r now well into flower but im not sure when to pull her being as though i was told this dark devel strains life cycle from seed to harvest is 8 -9 weeks. As you can see im past that and tricombs are milky but there is no sign of any amber at all (id like a little amber) . With that being said should i start my flush now or wait until i see amber to start flush ? Here are a few new pics,oh and thanks to all that’s helped me with this grow you guys are amazing im learning more and more every day152683848056470327540|666x500


You will be just fine… that’s a fabric pot… so she will be able to air prune her roots… nothing to worry about… she’s very healthy… just continue to do what you’ve been doing… :wink:



I put my cloth pots on top of cement slabs . Had that issue and they grew into the ground. Just have to keep moving them


strain? will get to about 12 inches high - not to worry pots big enough _ Good Looking Plant -if you are going to prune just prune the lower 2 fan leaves and eventually the next set of two in about a week

Strain=dark devel

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You’re fine. Since the roots can grow through the pot you can always just drop her inside another larger pot and add grow media around or even better just set her on top of some coco mats or grow slabs:

Coco mat: Coco Coir Bulk Supply at RF Agriculture
Grow slabs: Riococo Grow Bags- Super Washed (Pallet Quantities Only)