Ready to harvert? Over 9 weeks since active flower some amber

This is officially my 2nd grow season ive already harvested my gdp girl she was about 12 weeks in flower and an auto.

These 2 ladies are photos blue dream (the crunchy one in the front) and lsd, the lsd has a slightly longer average flower time then bld so im kot as concerned with her plus she is showong more cloudy currently. My bld is getting crunchy while she is pulling the nutes from her leaves and i have clear and amber trichs on the buds with not as much cloudy as ive seen on the 5 plants i grew last year.

Bld is for my husband he does not want count lock, should i harvest now with the amber thats showing or wait till it turns more cloudy?

Lighting is hlg 300L-R 12 on 12 off ive been feeding slightly higher than normal ph plain water the last 2 weeks to try and help bring colors out.

Any suggestions on if shes ready to harvest?

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Plant looks pretty rough. Iā€™d harvest.


Shes been living on her last leg for awhile with water only i promise shes still pretty green under there :raised_hands: i just chopped her but still curious on peoples opinions on trichs.

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Looks to me like a good call. She was ready.

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Youll be happy :slight_smile: