Journal 3: 4 different strains from seed to harvest

This will be my third grow with 4 different strains.

-Purple Kush
-Sunset Sherbet
-Lemon Bubba

Nothing has changed about my setup its still the same but im seriously going to try to stick to buying a second HLG 260 come flowering time.

3x3x6 Vivosun tent
HLG QB 260 at 90 watts and 28 inches above the plants. 24/0 schedule
Promix Hp
Jacks 321
AC Infinity T6

This time I will try different methods. Instead of doming I want to copy @Hellraiser starting method and see how it works out for me. I will not dome them and wait 4-5 days and check on them. No fans on. Ill spray them with jacks 321 as I notice the medium is starting to dry

Temp 23-25C
HR 30-40%

3 big slits at the bottom of each solo cup. Filled with Promix HP then poked a hole and popped the seeds straight in, covered them, then sprouted theme with jacks 321.

950 ppm
pH 6.0

@Myfriendis410 @Not2SureYet @Nicky @Cannabian @Hellraiser @Jackie_Daytona @Sincitytoker @dbrn32 @Cannabian Sorry if I forgot anyone else

I placed a humidifier to maintain humiditiy as well as a bowl of water a damp towel hanging because I noticed the RH drops as I close the tent


@Hellraiser I have a jug of jacks 321 left. should I leave it in a dark cabinet and covered. or should I keep it in the fridge. I cant find the cap so Im just covering it with saran wrap lol


Thank you for the invite sir
Have learned slot from your second journal and looking forward to learning some more.
You already have it down packed and should be good to go


Glad you’re benefiting from my journals man. This will be a fun one. I want to try LST this time


That’s dope
That’s something I would really like to learn will make this more interesting for me
Let’s see what happens

Hi there!
Going to watch with interest. Just finishing my second grow - and will be dropping seeds in a couple of weeks. This was one of my options - to 4 strains or 2 pairs. I like variety and am keen to get back to clones - which was my first grow. :sunglasses: :+1:

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Glad to have you on board. Ask away if you have any questions please

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Will do for sure. I’m looking forward to getting back to the LST/ HST methods - so much more hands-on - and rewarding!

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@ashhhh she’s gonna get crowded in there! This is gonna be fun lol.

Turn your exhaust fan off for now until. They are bigger and need the air movement, this will help raise your RH.

Early veg is really important to dial your VPD in. Shoot for 25-27c and a matching humidty. Right now the higher the humidity the better really.
Got your VPD chart in your grow room?

I keep my 5 gallon buckets with kids on them, I honestly don’t know how long they last I’ve used buckets 2 weeks old but then again we know I had some lockout issues although I can’t say that it was because of that I may email Jack’s to ask this question. Once mixed how long is it good for if we put a lid on.

Everyone’s starting news journals lol, me and @Not2SureYet will drop seeds within a week.


Yo thank you so much for the info bro. What I want to do is try Hellraiser’s method and see if its works in 4-5 days if not then I’ll have to increase my humidity. I just like challenges. Fingers crossed. Maybe @hellraiser can chime in on this


Watching too I start my 260 xl at 32 in from soil line and set the potentiometer to 33% raising it to 50% by the end of week 1 just started my 3rd auto grow of Mexican airlines, crystal candy xl, frosty gelato, and lemon mimosa.( also a solo cup of tangerine dream and possible g13, and og kush)


Thanks for tagging along. Lets rock n roll


Medium was dry, sprayed a decent amount, not till run off ofcourse.

The jacks 321 that was left in my sprayer, was left in a dark spot and when i took it out today it was at 6.1 pH so i had to adjust that and the ppm went up to 1050

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Rock and Roll, dude! Set to Watching.

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What do you think of 6 weeks of veg instead of 8 this time? to avoid the overcrowding lke last time? @Myfriendis410


Sure, but the plants will decide as well when they’re ready. If not sexually mature then six weeks might not be long enough. Smaller pots might help keep size down as well.


@Myfriendis410 I threw out the 3 gallon pots cuz it was torture getting those big root balls out lol.

Should i transplant to 1 gallon then 3 gallon as the final? I have 5 gallon fabric pots ready to go but like you said smaller pots would be ideal

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@MattyBear is a small pot grower. Or should I say: a small pot pot grower haha.

Photoperiods I’d do an intermediate pot (1 gallon) but in plastic rather than fabric so they release easily.


I want to get those babe bags like the one I had the clones in for my prev grow do you know what im referring to?

they look like black garbage bags but more sturdy with holes in them haha @Myfriendis410

I’ve seen em but never used em.