Jm grows GSCE auto flower

  • 03-08 Start germination
  • 03-10 Tail out and into seed pod
  • 03-12 Broke ground
  • 03-15 Transplanted to 3 gallon pot
  • 03-16 Switch to 6/2 light schedule

And here we are:

Veg space is 2x2x4 with HLG 135W V2 Bspec. Flower space is a 2x2.5x8 with 200W Diablo and 30W UVA bar. Soil is FFOF. I dig out ~2x more than needed for transplant and back-fill with previously used OF.

I used the normal schedule of FF nutrients on the first auto-flower and it went pretty good so I am doing that again but scaling back from 5G to 3G pot.

Happy growing.


Im doing a GSCA now its close yo being done .ur plant and ur lights and that are great

Nice setup. The 135 will work great. Used a 135rspec in a 2x2x4 last run now this run I added a second 135rspec so in the tent I have
2x 135rspecs
1x hlg uva30 bar
1x far red initiator bulb
So far happy as can be buds r super sticky looking smell amazing filled the 2x2 no problems with 1 plant. Started on 18 6 then to 12 12 bout 2 to 4 weeks left on it and it should be done. Ilgm gorilla glue

2 extremely nice lights. The 200 Diablo is intense and a flower king :love_you_gesture:

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I grew 3 of the same (gsca) in 3gal bags first grow and the root mass took up every bit of space. The plants seemed to slow down in growth and I suspect 3gal was not quite enough room so I upsized to 5 gal rain science. The mesh bag may make a difference for your grow with air pruning. I used reg cheap fabric bags.

I’m putting my autos outside in about a month, but hiiiiiighly considering running one in the tent under the 200. Just happen to have a GSCE that hit soil in last couple days.

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Right on Brother! I’ve grown 3 GSCs and was only able to take the first to flower… last 2 I tossed because of the move. Anyway they were beast and the 1 I took to harvest under the 200 Diablo killed it :love_you_gesture:

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Ya man, I hated reading about that. But you got a lot of knowledge you can spread and that helps so many!!

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Appreciate that Brother! I’m out of sorts without my grows and finding it difficult to find another hobby/way of life that’s as rewarding and challenging! Thanks again Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Pick ya up an instrument man, if you don’t have one already. Different kind of therapy for me. Plants are relaxing. Guitar lets me get frustration out.

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That’s a thought. I usual work my frustrations out on a Dozer or Excavator but that only helps at work. Planting a veggie garden and been watching the sprouts in my germ box :love_you_gesture:

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Ooo…This is almost my exact set up and planting dates! Totally following!!
Thanks again for the help with the light

I am just curious about what led to the decision to downsize because my observation after harvest was that the roots were bound and would benefit from more room to spread out. I run a very similar equipment setup. 36"×20"×52" tent with single hlg135rspec Gscxtrm autos from ilgm in 5 gal rain science this go round. Like to see what others growing the same strain in FFOF are experiencing.

Me either. Want to see 3 gal mesh performance vs discount fabric 3 gal cube shaped.

I’d’ve done the same.

But they look happy!
I love arugula and am an avid veggie gardener. But I’ve never grown it before, so I’m interested in how that works out too.

Will your arugula stay in the tent or be transferred outside?

I’m in zone 4, so I’ve got a ways to go before I start seeds. Snowed again today. :confused:
But you’ve inspired me to try some arugula. I just need to keep the rabbits from getting it first.

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I love GSCX I have been thinking about getting some but also I need Super silver haze. Every grow I like for a sshaze to be in the mix .I am growing my last one now .Hope youre having a good day ,I meant to ask do you just grow autos?:sunflower:

Jealous! I’m a long way from starting seeds here.

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